Флаг автономного округа-Югры

Regional scientific and practical conference “Museum communication: theory, practice, problems”

21 october 2013 – 23 october 2013 / Khanty-Mansiysk,  State art museum (2,  Mira str.)

Event planners: Department of Culture of Ugra, State art museum

Event participants: museum community professionals and specialists of organizations, which have partnerships with museums (experts in the fields of culture, education, media, tourism, publishing, pr-technology and other)

The program of events:

  • External communication (communication in different social environments);
  • Communication within museum (interaction with museum audience);
  • Communication with other museums.

Contacts: Garipov Azat (??????? ????)­­­­­­­­­, public relations specialist of BU HMAA-Ugra ?State art museum?, tel.: (3467)33-09-45

Provision on holding of the conference and application form are placed at the site of State art museum http://www.ghm-HMAA.ru/afisha/424/

­­­­­Mass media info: no accreditation for mass media representatives is required.

Info presented as of 07/08/2013.

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