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Ugra launched a pilot eco-project to reduce carbon footprint

16 august 2021

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

The meeting of the Ugra project committee was held by the Governor of the Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova.

"At the meeting, it was decided to launch a project aimed at systematizing work on environmental protection, taking into account the commitments made by the Russian Federation to reduce harmful emissions, absorb greenhouse gases, create a system for independent verification of information on emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases, as well as create a system for circulation of carbon units and trading quotas for greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, I ask you to pay attention to the content of the project, composition of the forming team. It is necessary to focus on implementation of the tasks set in the project, " Natalia Komarova stressed.

New priority project "Establishment of an international center for assessment and verification of carbon units and conditions for entry of economic entities into the system of trading quotas for greenhouse gas emissions" was highly appreciated by the jury of the design and educational intensive "Archipelago 2121". It was organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects in Veliky Novgorod. The project took the first place in the nomination "Region for a person".

Assessing the progress of the implementation of regional projects, their portfolios, including those aimed at implementation of national projects, the Governor noted that at the moment 71 indicators out of the established 159 have been fully achieved.

Mikhail Averin, Acting Director of the Project Management Department, reported that 65 projects are being implemented in Ugra, 47 of which are regional, part of federal ones.

34 billion rubles are provided for their implementation in 2021: 25 billion-from the regional treasury, 4.6 billion-from the federal budget, 2.6 billion - from municipal funds, 1.9 billion-from other sources of financing.

"The projects are being implemented in accordance with the schedules. There are no risks of not achieving financung goals, " Mikhail Averin assured the members of the Project Committee.

In particular, according to the project "Cultural Environment", in July 2021, major repairs were carried out at the Lyantor Children's Art School No. 2; in accordance with the project "Development of the primary health care system" in children's polyclinics of the Nefteyugansk District Clinical Hospital named after V. I. Yatskiv a large-scale modernization took place: a navigation system, an open registry, a help desk were installed in the buildings of the medical institution, waiting and rest areas, a breastfeeding area were equipped, entrance groups were changed, new furniture was placed. Sovetsky district hospital received a video endoscopic system "Pentax". It will improve the quality of primary health care for residents.

According to the project "Fight against oncological diseases", an X-ray biopsy digital complex and an advanced mammography complex were purchased and put into operation for the Nizhnevartovsk oncological dispensary.

"According to the project "Regional and Local Road Network", 32 of the 32 objects planned in 2021 have been contracted. To date, work has been completed on 6 facilities with a total length of more than 8 kilometers, including installation of engineering and technical systems for ensuring safety of road structures on the road bridge over the Ob River in Surgut area, on the overhaul of the entrance to the Sovetsky airport, the section of the road of regional significance "Sovetsky-Lovinskoye field", sections of Gagarin Street in Khanty-Mansiysk," Mikhail Averin said.

At the same time, increase in the volume of extra-budgetary investments in the fixed capital of small and medium-sized businesses that have access to production areas and premises of industrial parks, technoparks, was performed by 123 percent compared to the plans for 2021.

In addition, under the project "Creating an ecosystem for supporting civil initiatives", the first competition for provision of Governor's grants for development of civil society was held this year. Winners were determined, who will be provided with support for the implementation of 92 projects of socially oriented non-profit organizations for a total of 110 million rubles.

During implementation of the project "Creating a modern urban environment" in Khanty-Mansiysk, construction of a universal sports complex No. 1 was completed. Preparations are underway for its transfer to Ugra.

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