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Ugra is developing its own tourism development strategy

8 november 2019

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

The participants of the Coordination Council for the Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism under the Government of the Autonomous Okrug, which took place within the framework of the 18th Tourism Exhibition Fair “UgraTur-2019”, discussed the creation of the district strategy of tourism development, designed until 2035.

According to Aleksey Zabozlaev, the Deputy Governor of Ugra, the Autonomous Okrug has started to create conditions for the formation and promotion of high-quality and competitive tourism products in the domestic and international tourism markets.

“We will focus our efforts on increasing the social role of tourism and ensuring the accessibility of tourism services, recreation and health activities in the Autonomous Okrug,” he stressed.

The specialists of the Department of the Okrug’s Industry and the Competence Centre in the tourism sphere of the Ugra Development Fund work together to prepare the strategy.

“The strategy will be aimed at the comprehensive development of domestic and inbound tourism in Ugra by creating conditions for further development of tourism infrastructure, priority and innovative types of tourism, the formation and promotion of quality and competitive tourism products in the domestic and international tourism markets,” Kirill Zaitsev, the Director of the Industry Department of the region, said.

It is planned to be implemented in accordance with the perspective directions of tourism, the system of tourism and recreational zoning of the region’s territory. These directions are enshrined in the concept of development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Autonomous Okrug.

“Priority territories are defined in each part of the Autonomous Okrug, which will ensure a relatively even distribution of available tourism and supporting infrastructure. We understand the need to implement a systematic approach to industry management based primarily on the use of big data in decision-making. Already now this approach is used to determine the “profile of a tourist”, which will form the basis for determining the key and priority areas of tourism development in certain areas,” Kirill Zaitsev stressed.

He also said that the Okrug is working on the creation of a tourism digital platform that combines the functions of a modern tourism marketplace (a showcase of tourism offers in the region with the possibility of buying individual tours) and a digital product that allows you to obtain up-to-date statistics on the industry, as well as providing tools to manage tourism flows in the Okrug.

In addition, it is planned to develop a unified marketing and communication strategy in the region.

“The main objective of the implemented measures is to create a sustainable image of Ugra as an accessible territory offering a wide range of various tourism products. The consolidating and coordinating body for the implementation of a unified marketing and communication strategy to promote the tourism potential of the Okrug will be the Competence Centre in the tourism sphere of the Ugra Development Fund,” Kirill Zaitsev summed up.

According to Roman Genkel, Director General of the Ugra Development Fund, the major task of the centre is to assist municipalities in promoting tourism products and offers of local tour operators.  

"We have a special and interesting region, there’s a lot to show for it. Each municipality have a look of its own, its “features”, and many interesting routes in demand. And our task is to consolidate the industry players, develop and provide measures to support the tourism industry, involve business in the implementation of priority investment projects in tourism. A single strategy and digital platform will improve the quality and image of the offered tourism products,” Roman Genkel noted.

The Competence Centre also plans to hold training sessions for Okrug’s tour operators in order to develop high-quality tourism products and routes.

During the Council's work, the participants touched upon the issue of exporting medical services. Five medical organizations in Surgut and Khanty-Mansiysk became pilot sites for the implementation of the regional project “Export of Medical Services.” Patients from other regions and countries can be attracted by the wide range of services, affordability of prices and the fact that it is possible to undergo the complete course of treatment in one institution. However, it was noted that a broad information campaign is needed to develop medical tourism in the region. A number of participants also said that in order to attract more tourists coming for treatment, it is necessary to compare the cost of services in the region’s health care facilities and leading clinics around the world. It will allow making an objective choice in favour of Ugra, where the cost of the same medical services is much lower than in foreign clinics. At the same time, the medical centres of the Autonomous Okrug are not inferior to them in terms of the level of medical equipment and qualifications of doctors.

The Council members also made a number of proposals to improve roadside services, optimize the cost of intra-regional air routes and improve the quality and safety of transportation in the organization of children’s tourism routes.

According to Alexey Zabozlaev, all proposals will be taken into account in the final version of the tourism development strategy in Ugra.

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