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Ugra Defines New Approach to Improving Sustainable Development System of Indigenous Peoples

23 october 2019

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova chaired the meeting of the project committee.

During the event, it was decided to launch the priority project "Improving the system of sustainable development of the indigenous peoples of the North in the Autonomous Okrug" in the region.

"The development of indigenous peoples in the Autonomous Okrug is being carried out in line with the state program ‘Sustainable Development of the Indigenous Peoples of the North’. The goals of this work are enshrined in the strategy of socio-economic development of Ugra until 2020 and for the period until 2030. At the same time, the Internal Policy Department proposed approving the launch of this project to systematize work at the horizontal and vertical levels and establish common standards," Natalya Komarova emphasized.

Dmitry Serdyukov, Acting Director of the Okrug Internal Policy Department reported that the launch of the project is urgent since there is a need in the region to determine a unified approach to regulation and improvement of the regulatory and legal framework at all levels.

The initiative is aimed at ensuring conditions for the indigenous peoples to be able to exercise their rights and express legitimate interests by improving public legal regulatory mechanisms, increasing the effectiveness of authorities in this area, and ensuring the availability of state support measures for this category of Ugra residents.

"The project will result in a qualitatively new system of coordination and management, which will ensure sustainable development of the indigenous peoples of the North. The project will lead to a system of measures ensuring the development of this category of citizens in Ugra. It will include updated strategic program documents at the regional and municipal levels, a list of activities of sectoral state programs, indicators that record the sustainable development of indigenous peoples, and monitoring the achievement of results,” Dmitry Serdyukov stated.

Mr. Serdyukov believes that the system will be improved through amendments to the concept of sustainable development of the indigenous peoples in order to update the measures to support these peoples and determine target performance indicators for the implementation of measures. Furthermore, the responsibility for ensuring the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples will be appropriately distributed and enshrined in the powers of the authorities.

In addition, it will be necessary to compile a list of measures destined to be implemented at the municipal level and aimed at protecting the rights of this category of citizens. To this end, persons responsible for the implementation of measures in this area will be appointed, sectoral and functional bodies in local administrations will be identified, and a model municipal program will be prepared in order to exercise the transferred powers in line with the established unified measures for all areas of activity.

"The project implementation is planned to occur in 3 stages. At the first stage, priority directions will be determined for the authorities of the Autonomous Okrug, and relevant amendments to strategic documents and regulatory acts will be made no later than December 2020. At the second stage, until December 2021, it is planned to establish indicators that reflect the sustainable development of the indigenous peoples, and measures aimed at their achievement will be approved. The third stage involves monitoring the achievement of indicators as of the end of 2022," Dmitry Serdyukov reported.

Aleksey Shipilov, First Deputy Governor of Ugra was appointed project supervisor. The Director of the Okrug Internal Policy Department, Alexander Skurikhin became the customer. Sergey Pishukov, Deputy Director of the Regional Department is the Project Manager.

Lyudmila Alferova, President of the Salvation of Ugra regional public organization focused the attention of the meeting participants on the fact that this project initiative will make it possible to systematize the practical experience available in Ugra regarding the exercise of rights and legitimate interests of the indigenous peoples, and find new approaches for their further sustainable development.

Natalya Komarova emphasized the importance of legal support for the sustainable development of the indigenous peoples. It includes providing them with legal assistance, translation services and other measures. "This is very important, since it directly affects a large number of people. This systemic solution should be aimed in particular at that area. At the same time, public organizations uniting indigenous peoples are ready to participate in the development of and giving substance to the project initiative. In this regard, when building the project team, it is necessary to accept all proposals from those wishing to participate in this work," the Governor stressed.

It should also be noted that during the meeting, Lyudmila Alferova handed a letter of appreciation from the Salvation of Ugra organization to Natalya Komarova for her support and substantial contribution to maintaining ethnic identity, lifestyle, and traditional culture of the Ob Ugrians.

The participants of the event summarized the project implementation results for the previous quarter. "The financial implementation of the projects as of October 1, from all sources of financing amounted to 43.5 percent of the planned values. As for the projects controlled at the federal level, the milestones established for the current period in management documents have been achieved," Natalya Komarova disclosed.

Danila Golubev, Director of the Ugra Project Management Department reported that currently 71 projects are being carried out in the Autonomous Okrug, and 53 of them have been assigned the status of regional projects being part of federal ones.

In 2019, 42.4 billion roubles have been allocated for the implementation of regional projects. Actual performance has amounted to 43.5 percent, which is comparable with the average performance indicators of Russian regions. The main fulfilment of expenditure obligations is planned for the 4th quarter.

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