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Ugra and France joined forces in the field of oil production

5 december 2019

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

During the working visit to Paris, the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova and the President of the French Institute of Renewable Energy Didier Ussan signed a memorandum of cooperation.

“It determined the directions of cooperation between the parties. They include development and implementation of joint scientific programs and projects in the field of enhanced oil recovery in fields; development and implementation of joint educational projects and programs in the oil and gas sector, including projects for the development of international educational standards and certification standards for oil and gas specialists; conducting and participating in activities aimed at improving the efficiency in this industry,” the Head of the Region commented.

Based on the document, the work of regional universities, the Ugra Research Institute of Information Technologies, the Shpilman Scientific and Analytical Center for Rational Use of Mineral Resources and other institutions with the French Institute of Renewable Energy and its subsidiaries will be elaborated.

“Our institute has gained vast experience in implementing projects in the field of hydrocarbon prospecting and production. We will be glad to build cooperation with the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug on this base, in particular, in the field of extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves,” Didier Ussan commented. “We will make every effort for the successful cooperation of the parties, the achievement of all assigned tasks.”

His words were confirmed by representatives of the International Relations Department of the French Institute of Renewable Energy, Beicip Franlab, IFP Training, who expressed their willingness to join projects for the study and development of hard-to-recover oil reserves.

“In May 2018, we already had the opportunity to get acquainted with Ugra by visiting Khanty-Mansiysk and Surgut on the working visit,” Remy Mouchel, the General Director of IFP Training French Institute of Renewable Energy said. "With the support of the Shpilman Scientific and Analytical Center for Rational Use of Mineral Resources, we were able to further study the needs of the Region in the field of professional training of specialists. In Ugra, it is not the training itself that is important, but the support of the educational centers of the Region. We have gained extensive experience in this area. In particular, we have unique experience in preserving the environment in hydrocarbon production, increasing labour performance.”

“We are interested in increasing the volume of exploratory drilling, using new methods to enhance reservoir oil recovery, creating a set of technologies and equipment for developing hard-to-recover reserves. But in this work there are many obstacles - this is one of the most difficult areas for establishing sanctions against Russia. At the same time, this industry permits no stops in development. In this regard, we must use every opportunity that we and our partners have at our disposal,” Natalia Komarova emphasized. "The industry requires equipment, technologies, qualified personnel. In February 2019, Ugra became the supporting region of the International Center of Competencies under the auspices of UNESCO in the oil and gas business. Among the tasks we are facing are building up technological competencies, developing multidisciplinary educational programs at the international level, integrating digital and scientific engineering, creating an international training system for industry specialists with new competencies.”

The Governor also emphasized that the issue of increasing labour performance was deeply developed. In particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin set this direction as one of the most important national goals. “The state intends to provide support, accompany those enterprises that will be involved in the implementation of the national project “Labour Performance and Employment Support,” the Head of the Region said.

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