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Third Branding and Marketing Forum started in Ugra

21 december 2020

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

Today, on December 21, the III Branding and Marketing Forum started in the Autonomous Okrug.

Experts from Russia, Europe, The United States of America, representatives of the state and local authorities from all municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug became the participants of the forum.

The event aimes at the experience and knowledge exchange, analysis of the implemented work in increasing tourist and investment attractiveness of Ugra, export of local goods and service to the Federal and international markets.

The program of the forum includes the discussion of the possible development scenarios for the territorial brands and tourist points of attraction, the development of the identica and brandbooks of the cities, objectives of the local brand managers.

The first day has educational nature. Open experts' presentations will be held during the day. The second day is planned to be practical – municipalities will design the territorial promotion in teams.

Prior to the discussion, Director of the Department of Public and External Relations of Ugra Elena Shumakova recalled that a the United Nations proclaimed 2021 the Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

"In fact, today's forum opens the program of the year in Russia and Ugra. In 2020, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug was the first to adopt a law "On Creative Industries" in Russia. It includes support in 13 directions of creative activity. To support some special projects there are: grant system for non-profit organizations, individuals; Governor's prize for contribution to the development of territorial marketing and branding; an endowment fund developed on the initiative of the public which will also provide infrastructure support to the creative industries," she said.

Elena Shumakova also noted that at the initiative of Ugra, a working group on the development of creative industries was formed at the site of the Northern Forum Association, it will become a platform for interregional communication in the field of spatial and urban development, design and architecture. According to the Head of the Okrug's Department, this partnership will contribute to addressing global humanitarian challenges related to the preservation and promotion of the identities of the territories and culture of Northern indigenous peoples.

"Next year in Ugra is declared to be the Year of Knowledge. I believe that your talents, creativity, projects on development of creative spaces, self-realization of each person will be an important contribution to the bank of achievements of the next year. Ugra is open for new ideas and projects," Elena Shumakova added.

During the plenary session General Director of RedCongress Group, member of the working team of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia for the development of the professional standard "Specialist in Organizing Congress Events" Olga Zaikova stressed that due to the market economy many territories had to compete for the investments, tourist flows, creative ideas, specialists. According to Olga, such competition will only increase in the future. Those territories which have a unique potential will have an advantage, they would have an opportunity to develop a systematic approach to its use, starting from the design of marketing strategies, creating a high-quality tourist product, a stylish brand, and ending up with the promotion of the territory's potential.

"It is gratifying that the government of Ugra has been quite active in territorial marketing in recent years. The region has a developed marketing and branding concept, a Department of territorial marketing and branding, and this forum, which is held annually," she stated.

It should be noted that the III Forum on Branding and Marketing of Ugra is held online on the event's website, on December 21-23.

During the first day of work the participants discuss specific projects, ideas, successful practices, exchange experience and existing practices. During the second day the teams of municipalities develop their own concepts on branding, promotion of territories, and discuss them with experts.

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