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Strategic Session: Ugra Residents Make Proposals to Celebrate 90th Anniversary of their Region

23 october 2019

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova participated in a strategic session aimed at developing proposals for the concept and plan of events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Ugra.

The large-scale event involving over 100 active residents of the region was held in Khanty-Mansiysk on October 22. Caring citizens, representatives of the expert community, public, youth and creative associations, regional and municipal authorities, and the business community came up with a number of solutions to de included in the 2020 celebration plan dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the region.

"For Ugra residents, 2020 will be the year of the 90th anniversary since our region was founded. We have created an organizing committee and are compiling a plan of events dedicated to this special year in the history of the Autonomous Okrug. The main goal of the strategic session is to find solutions for filling the next year with events emotionally related to each Ugra resident through their personal participation in this large-scale common cause. It is essential to connect these events with the already developed unique community projects and those that may appear in the future. It is equally important to connect our activities with other substantial events of 2020, and above all, with the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War," Natalya Komarova pointed out.

The participants split into 6 groups and spent over 5 hours working out about 250 proposals in a brainstorming format. Eventually, 18 ideas reached the final presentation stage for the members of the organizing committee: 3 initiatives from each group.

The proposals of the "Legends" group included in particular the popularization of biographical details and information on achievements of 90 Ugra residents who have played an important role in the history of the region. They also suggested to make not only local the residents, but also guests, tourists and representatives of other constituent entities of Russia familiar with the most emblematic facts in the history of the autonomous region, its achievements, milestones, development stages and even myths associated with Ugra. The authors of the initiative believe it important to acquaint the younger generation with the history of the region. It should allow young people to develop closer ties with Ugra.

One of the ideas of the “Visualization” area was to create a 3D tour. The developers emphasized that the introduction of this modern IT product would increase the availability of interesting tourist sites and facilities of Ugra and attract interest to them. Besides, not only residents of other Russian regions, but also foreigners will have an opportunity to visit unique territories of the region. This project will combine a map of Ugra, navigation capabilities, a virtual ethno-city and even games.

Representatives of the urbanist group focused on developing projects aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment. They proposed to implement a project provisionally called "90 Points of Attraction in Ugra" in all municipalities of the region. Within its framework, the initiators envisage to create 4-5 urban infrastructure facilities in each of the 22 municipalities, including viewing platforms, art objects, bonfires, recreation areas and etc.

As part of the marketing and media promotion of the 90th anniversary since the founding of Ugra, activists came up with ideas for a series of PR campaigns, flash mobs, challenges and festivals. One of these events will be a challenge, which implies 124 congratulations on the region’s foundation day in 124 languages of the peoples living in the territory of Ugra. These congratulations can be presented as a series of publications in the print media or videos on television and other digital platforms. Another idea is to initiate a campaign of creation of "mystical" circles on snowy fields in the winter. Activists mean one could make circular drawings including elements of local ethnic ornaments.

The "Events, Projects" group advocated the organization of a so-called ultra-expedition destined to cover the entire Ugra. Participation in the expedition should be open to all the motorists, motorcyclists, and drivers of snowmobiles, ATVs and others. From June to December 2020, they will go through various routes or travel from their municipalities through the territory of Ugra and meet in Khanty-Mansiysk during the impressive celebration of the 90th anniversary since the founding of the region. At the key points in the relay, participants will hold master classes, exhibitions, festivals, and fairs. Then they will hand over the historical symbol specially created for this date to the next group of travellers.

The sixth group, "Made in Ugra" focused on developing proposals for the manufacturing of gifts and souvenirs under the eponymous brand dedicated to the anniversary. The initiators presented in particular a project already in progress in the region. It consists in producing a line of branded clothing with the symbols of Ugra. The authors believe this will allow local residents to connect and self-identify with Ugra not only within the region, but also in other constituent entities of Russia and even abroad. The symbolism of clothing will be entirely based on ethnic ornaments of indigenous peoples. This will allow in particular to visualize the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous Okrug and disseminate local traditions and lifestyles.

"All the solutions presented are the fruit of the talent, heart, and knowledge of each of the participants in the strategic session. I undertake the execution of these decisions from a bureaucratic point of view, including their legalization and mobilization of forces to implement them and allow them being assigned the appropriate status. Besides, we need to complete the work on the development of an action plan; by December we shall come up with a "road map". And above all we need to involve all Ugra residents as participants, and not as spectators," Natalya Komarova stated at the end of the session.

It should be noted that until October 25, every caring Ugra resident may submit their proposals in order for them to be included in the concept and plan of events dedicated to the 90th anniversary since the founding of Ugra. Ideas are being processed by the specialists of the Open Region Centre at the e-mail address openregion86@or86.ru.

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