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Residents of Ugra positively assess the state of interethnic relations in the region

21 december 2020

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

On December 21, Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova held the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Countering Extremism.

Prior to the meeting, the Head of the region draw the attention to the results of a sociological study on the state of interethnic and interconfessional relations in Ugra.

"According to the results of the survey conducted among residents of the Autonomous Okrug, in comparison with 2019, the share of citizens who positively assess the state of interethnic relations increased by 7% and by positively assess the state of inter-confessional relations - 3.8%. I consider it essential for the Department of Internal Affairs to focus on the effectiveness of the regional and municipal events on social and cultural adaptation of the foreign citizens, offer the corresponding recommendations to the heads of municipalities of the region," Natalia Komarova said.

It should be noted that the specialists of the Scientific Center for Interethnic and Religious Problems of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education were involved into the sociological research.

Also during the meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission Natalia Komarova announced that the project of the interdepartmental plan on the implementation of the strategy countering extremism has already been developed in Ugra. "The opinion of the interdepartmental Commission concerning developed project is decisive. It is essential to make balanced proposals and well-developed solutions for its adoption by the Government of the Autonomous Okrug. These document is a guide for the action," Natalia Komarova stressed.

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