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Representatives of business community of Ugra and the Republic of Belarus discussed cooperation prospects

15 december 2020

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

Today, on december 15, an online meeting of representatives of the business community of the Autonomous Okrug and the Republic of Belarus took place.The participants discussed potential areas of cooperation.

Addressing the audience in the studio, Deputy Director of the Economic Development Department of Ugra Vladimir Albanov noted that the government of the Autonomous Okrug pays special attention to cooperation with Belarus: 'This year an action plan to 2021-2022 years on implementation of the agreement between the government of the Republic of Belarus and the government of Ugra was signed to promote participation of business in exhibition and business events, expansion of the supply of goods and services of manufacturing industry, participation in activities in the sphere of subsoil management, exchange of experience and information in education, culture, social protection, archiving'.

24 legal entities, whose founders are citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as well as about 40 individual entrepreneurs who have the citizenship of the Republic, carry out business activities in Ugra.

Welcoming Ugra residents, Head of the Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation in Ekaterinburg Vitaly Voitik drew attention to the fact that Ugra is a leading trade and economic partner of Belarus. 'Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses take part in exhibition and fair events and forums,' the diplomat continued, 'In autumn, a number of fairs of Belarusian producers were held in the cities of Ugra, and the supply of Belarusian equipment to the region was established. And, of course, Belarus remembers that during the Great Patriotic War, many Belarusian enterprises and residents were evacuated to the Urals and Siberia.'                           

Deputy Director of the Department of Public and External Relations of Ugra Inna Arkanova noted that Russia and Belarus are the most closely cooperating states in the post - soviet space. 'Within the framework of integration projects between our countries, one of the priority areas is development of direct economic and humanitarian ties between the regions of Russia and the Republic of Belarus,' she continued, 'Cooperation between Ugra and the Republic of Belarus has a solid legal basis. Agreements were also signed between the municipalities of the Autonomous Okrug (Surgut, Yugorsk, Nyagan, Beloyarsky and Khanty-Mansiysk districts) and the Republic of Belarus (Gomel, Vitebsk, Shklovsky, Krichevsky and Mogilev districts).'

In the first half of 2020, the trade turnover between Ugra and the republic of Belarus amounted to more than 70 million USD.

A chain of stores of Belarusian producers has been opened in the cities of Ugra.

Close cooperation between Belarus and Ugra is also carried out in the humanitarian sphere. University of Ugra (Surgut State Pedagogical University) and the Republic of Belarus (National Academy of Sciences, Baranovichi State University) established cooperation.

Inter-municipal cooperation is active. In 2019, a visit of the people's amateur collective of the Beloyarsk district was organized to participate in the festive events dedicated to the Day of the city of Vitebsk, delegation of Nyagan took part in the XI international investment forum Mill of Success in Belarus.

In 2020, interaction became remote. Teachers of Vitebsk and Beloyarsk district held a contest of methodological developments for teachers Lessons of the Great Victory, through the network community of education of Ugra Shkollegi exchanged experience, participated in development of joint projects. Students of Beloyarsk district and Vitebsk schools organized a joint project Far and Close Yesterday, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The result of the joint project was the film Children-Partisans.

Within the framework of the international library project White city - white Russia (Beloyarsky district - Vitebsk), electronic exhibitions Lieutenant prose of Vasil Bykov, a master class Cranes of victory, an action in the social network Vkontakte Book relay-75 books about the war, an internet quiz Our common victory, a teleconference between libraries of the cities of Shklov and Yugorsk, a presentation of the first model library in Ugra were held.

Representatives of the Belarusian companies made presentations of technology for timber construction and housing complexes, energy saving, heating equipment for housing and utilities, construction, agricultural machinery, agricultural and general purpose machines, automatic control instruments, and consumer goods.

Export products of Ugra were presented by Svetlana Kolisnichenko, Director of Bereginya LLC from Nizhnevartovsk district (production of natural cosmetics based on wild raw materials), Matvey Gorobtsov, Chief Engineer of Ortiservice LLC from Nizhnevartovsk (oil related services), and Andrey Slobodskoy, Commercial Director of Mas-servich KHM LLC from Khanty-Mansiysk (oil related services).

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