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Region Management Center started its operation in Ugra

20 november 2020

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

Region Management Center (RMC) started its operation in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra today, November 20. 

Region Management Center will coordinate collection, monitoring and processing of complaints and suggestions from Ugra residents coming from various sources. Priority is given to the main socially significant areas: healthcare, social protection of the population, education, transport, housing and utilities, road management and energy. Ugra partner in RMC launching was ANO 'Dialogue'.  

'Today we fulfilled the President's order ahead of schedule by opening a Region Management Center in Ugra. Our main goal is not just to quickly solve the problems of residents (we have learned to cope with this while working in Incident Management), but to systematically solve problems through improving processes, comprehensive analysis and providing objective data to the Governor, the government of Ugra, and heads of local self - government bodies to make management decisions aimed at improving the quality of life of Ugra residents,' Alexey Shipilov, First Deputy Governor of Ugra, said. 

The tasks of the Region Management Center include collecting residents ' messages from official sources and social networks, identifying systemic problems, and ensuring communication with authorities to develop operational solutions.  Regional authorities, together with the Center's employees, work to reduce the response time, monitor the quality, and most importantly, find and eliminate the causes of questions and complaints from Ugra residents. In addition, the RMC staff will perform analytical and sociological research on issues of strategic importance for the region, analyze data sets and develop recommendations for authorities, and of course, inform citizens about the progress of solving issues that they address.

Currently, the main platform for searching and collecting messages is the Incident Management system - a system for monitoring and processing citizens' messages in social networks. Ugra joined a large-scale Federal project to process constructive criticism in social media just over two years ago, in October 2018. During this time, 86,350 messages and comments were answered, and the need for communication between state and municipal employees and citizens on social media platforms is guaranteed by a regulatory act. 

Valentina Kolpakova, who was previously the regional curator of the Incident Management project, headed the Ugra RMC. 'Users are used to getting information and answers to their questions from social networks, and not within 30 days, but much faster. Currently, the response time to messages in social networks is no more than three hours. All executive authorities of the region, local self-government bodies, and heads of municipalities are registered in social networks and work with user messages. We experienced the effectiveness of such communication especially clearly during the pandemic, when most of the actions and processes went online. Now, with the opening of the Region Management Center, there will be more information, which means that the analysis will be comprehensive, and responses to citizens ' requests will be faster,' Valentina Kolpakova said. 

The Russian Ministry of Communications 'feedback platform' project is also included in the RMC system. This is the mobile app 'Public Services.Feedback platform', which allows residents of Ugra to quickly report problems and get information about solutions-just be registered on the portal of Public Services. So far, this system is working in a test format, and will be fully launched in 2021. 

Region Management Centers should be opened in all regions of the country by December 1 at the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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