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IX International IT Forum gathered representatives of 46 countries in Ugra

6 june 2017

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

IX International IT Forum with the participation of BRICS and SCO countries will become the main event of the year in the field of information technologies for Ugra. Igor Kholmansky, Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal District, Natalia Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Nikolai Nikiforov, Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, German Klimenko, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet Issues, representatives of 44 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and 46 countries, including Consuls of France, Africa, Armenia, India, China, Madagascar, the Republic of Benin, as well as the heads of relevant departments and ministries from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Belarus and a other countries take part in the Forum

"Over the years of fruitful work,the Forum has proved itself as a useful discussion format, it has become one of the important platforms for the exchange of experience on topical issues in the field of ICT. The event is characterized by respectable participants representing government authorities, expert, scientific and business circles. Today it is important that one of the key events of the Forum will be the International Conference on Information Security Infoforum-Ugra, which will be held for the first time," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in his welcoming address to the Forum participants. In his address, it is also noted that common desire to strengthen the polycentric world order, an interest in promoting a positive agenda in world affairs and developing optimal ways for sustainable development are the common grounds for BRICS and the SCO countries.

"Among all IT Forums in Ugra, the current one is the most representative and the most promising. I would like to say thank you to everyone who came, who is willing to share experience and ideas. Digital economy of knowledge is the global reality of today, the basic element of the image of the future that we can and must build, and which will be integral only when we act together taking into account all global challenges and regional peculiarities," Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova noted.

Natalia Komarova also stressed that by the results of the last year Ugra had risen to the third place in the rating of the Ministry of Communications of Russia in terms of the level of development of the information society and e-Government, coming third best only after Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Head of the Region added that for the first time since 2011 the official website of the Ugra authorities took the first place among all websites of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in terms of the information openness.

"One of the strategic sessions of the current Forum will be devoted to import substitution of information technologies, so the experience of our Okrug can be used as an interesting case," the Head of the Region added.

According to her, involving Ugra people in virtual reality is supported by the development of communication systems. In accordance with the results of 2016, 45 settlements of Ugra got access to the Internet using 4G technology, 96% of the population of the Okrug now have access to high-speed Internet, and another 87.6% of Ugra residents have high-speed access provided by at least two telecom operators. In 2015, this number was only 66%.

"International IT Forum will include a discussion on one of the most urgent topics of our time - cybersecurity. Experts will speak at the International Conference on Information Security "Infoforum - Ugra", dedicated to international cooperation in this area, to the initiatives of the state, society and business. So and in no other way, with the use of collective approaches, we can oppose modern cyber threats and challenges,win in the fight against cybercrime. We hope that all Forum participants will be able to unite their efforts in this direction, make the Internet stable and free from crime, and thereby to ensure sustainable development of the "digital economy" and "digital society". Ugra is ready to become a pilot platform for the implementation of all initiatives related to information security and is open to your proposals," Natalia Komarova said.

The day before, during a briefing for journalists, Director of the Department of Information Technologies of Ugra Pavel Tsiporin noted that this year the CSTO member states will take part in the Forum. In addition, there will be experts on information security from other countries, in particular, representatives of the Cybersecurity Agency of Malaysia and the Ministry of Information Technology of Vietnam.

"We will discuss the development of e-Government and the transition to a digital society. There are interesting examples that Ugra implements. Last year, we agreed with the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation that we will implement a so-called integrated electronic service that allows one to submit one application and receive several government services at once. This is the first step towards the transition to a digital society," Pavel Tsiporin said.

He also told reporters that the one of a kind Research Institute of Information Technology was established in the region.

"Now we are starting to actively use science in the field of IT. Applied problems are also solved with the help of scientific technologies, and this gives a positive result. Ugra is an IT region. Following the results of 2016, within the framework of the execution of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Ugra ranks second in Russia after Tatarstan among the regions, which use electronic services mechanisms. his is a very important result," Pavel Tsiporin stressed.

The forum will last two days and end on June 7.

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