Флаг автономного округа-Югры

Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova took part in the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

24 september 2020

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a videoconference with 20 top officials of Russian constituent entities elected during regional elections on a single day of voting.

'The purpose of our meeting is clear: I want to congratulate you on the election to high positions of heads of regions,' Vladimir Putin said, 'And of course, first I want to say that such trust is always a huge responsibility for the future work. Of course, you understand that well. Among you are also those who previously already headed regions, managed to show the best qualities, and those who won the gubernatorial elections for the first time. I suppose you all have the same attitude: to work, what is called, to one hundred percent with the utmost dedication and to achieve results, real results, tangible for the residents of your regions. Serve the people, serve Russia.'

Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova, addressing the President, reported on the infrastructure projects that are significant for the country, implemented in Ugra with the support of the President, the Government of the Russian Federation.

One is establishment of a genomic research center in Surgut. It has already been agreed that the centre can be involved in development of systems for storing, studying and processing genetic data, including becoming a unique repository of data of the northern peoples with a view to their conservation and development.

'Your assessment of the contribution of the citizens to the development of our country, support of activity has a significant impact on ensuring sustainable development of our region. We are willing to work in this area and at international level with inclusion of this topic in the upcoming agenda of Russia's chairmanship in the Arctic Council 2021-2023,' Natalia Komarova said.

Another project that received federal support is construction of a bridge crossing over the Ob River in the Surgut area. The bridge will securely connect Russia with promising oil and gas fields, the Arctic, the northern sea route.

'In July, design decisions were approved by the scientific and technical council of Rosavtodor. We are approaching the practical phase of this project. It absolutely fits into what you focused on yesterday at the meeting with senators: importance of infrastructure projects development,' the Head of the Region said.

In addition, in accordance with the instructions of the President, work on early completion of targeted program on settlement of residents from emergency housing, recognized as such until 2017, is actively underway. 'I would like to highlight very important decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on transfer of federal co-financing of such regional programs It is important for us, as it provides additional guarantees for fulfillment of these tasks,' the Governor of Ugra said.

'Thank you for the support and for the opportunity to work with you in the team, to serve Russia, to serve Ugra residents,' Natalia Komarova said at the end.

'You are an experienced person, you know what to do, we will always be there, we will support and help you,' Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

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