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Development of creative industries is one of the priorities of Ugra

24 december 2020

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

The international project seminar "Finno-Ugric Vector in the Creative Economy" was held online today, on December 23. The event is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Autonomous Okrug.

The development of Finno-Ugric relations and creative industries of Ugra became the topic of the seminar.

During the event, the Director of the Okrug's Department for Public and External Relations Elena Shumakova noted that the current week in the region is full of events related to the preparation for 2021 which was declared as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development by the United Nations.

"The third Forum on Branding and Marketing ended on December 22. Today, we continue to form the promoting agenda of the region, realization of its potential through the opportunities of creative industries. Experts, scientific educational centers, representatives of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, and students are included in this work at the site of the project seminar. I find it very important, because I am convinced that creative industries will gain great significance for the economy of the region, becoming the culture of many and for many," said Elena Shumakova.

According to her, the common task is to promote the involvement and multiplicity of creative activities in Ugra. This requires the development of civil society, which, in turn, motivates activities in the field of creative industries.

Three basic directions of the development of creative industries are of the great importance in Ugra. The first of them is the formation of a creative culture.

"To develop such a culture, we train both creators and consumers of creative products. There are different forms of such training: fr om courses and grant support for projects that form a community, support for crowdfunding as a way to make a project mass, to infrastructure solutions related to the creation of a network of art residences and a specialized industry organization in the field of creative industries. A significant role in this work is assigned to universities, centers of youth innovative creativity," Elena Shumakova continued.

The practice of holding major international events, including the festival of film debuts "Spirit of Fire", international ecological TV festival "Save and Conserve", the festival of Finno-Ugric culture and crafts, IT-forum with participation of BRICS and SCO countries, the World Reindeer Breeders' Congress, which is included in the action plan the Russian presidency of the Arctic Council in 2021 are operating for the development of learning models that create a culture of supply and demand in the market of creative industries in the regions.

Elena Shumakova invited the participants of the project seminar to take part in these and other international humanitarian projects of Ugra.

The second important direction for the development of creative industries, which is emphasized in the region, is the formation of a favourable administrative environment. District and municipal economic support for the industry are included in the law on the development of creative industries. "This is the first relevant regulatory act in Russia. It includes support in13 directions of creative activities, which is important for creating new jobs, maintaining the mobility of the regional labour market in changing conditions, and providing employment, including the opportunities for the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North," Elena Shumakova stressed.

The third strategic element is the development of international horizontal ties and support for the export of creative industries' products.

The Autonomous Okrug holds systematic work to promote cultural heritage, literature of the indigenous peoples of the North, Finno-Ugric tourism products, audio and visual content, including in partnership with UNESCO, the international association "Northern Forum" in this direction.

"The legislative introduction of support to the export of creative products would strengthen the position of Russian projects in the world market and expand the export opportunities of the region. And I see the potential in the development of such cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO," Elena Shumakova stated.

She noted that in 2020, the international organization of northern regions "The Northern Forum" supported the initiative of Ugra to create a working group on the development of creative industries. The head of the department invited the participants of the event to join this work, send applications and proposals for candidates to be included in the group.

Further on the seminar, topical issues of the development of creative industries were discussed, including the creative economy in the era of global changes, the role of culture and traditional knowledge, the development of the Finno-Ugric youth movement, and others. There was the Finno-Ugric living room, wh ere presentations of the media project "EtnoMiryUgry" [The Ethnic World of Ugra], the book "Sorni Lopys ("Golden Radiance"), the meetings with a member of the Union of Writers of Russia Yeremey Aipin, Honored Employee of Culture of Russia Maria Voldina were held within the framework of the event.

"I believe that the solutions developed within the framework of today's event will contribute to further close interaction between the country's ethnic and cultural communities and the indigenous peoples of the North. I hope that further the seminar will become one of the major platforms for discussion of the best practices," said Elena Cherezova, Deputy Management Head of the Department of National Unity and Prevention of Extremism on National Grounds of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs.

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