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Components of female happiness and professional success were discussed in Ugra

7 december 2019

Department of Public and External Relations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra informs:

The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova took part in the discussion club “Women's Influence on the Development of Regions”, which took place on the sidelines of the IV International Humanitarian Forum “Civil Initiatives of the Regions of the 60th Parallel” held in Surgut.

Within the framework of the discussion club, presentations of projects for involving women in the social and economic development of the regions took place.

The development of the international community of women - regional leaders, the formation of role models of women that develop the economic, social and humanitarian infrastructure of the regions, the accumulation and dissemination of the best cases for the development of female influence for the regional development were the topics for discussion, in which 15 international and federal experts and more than 100 women took part from among representatives of legislative bodies, executive government bodies, local government bodies, public organization, the business community that have achieved success in their professional, social activities, that seek to improve their personal and professional competence.

The event was moderated by the Director of the World Communication Forum in Davos, the founder of Women Influence Community, Yanina Dubeykovskaya.

Professionalism, citizenship, motherhood, creativity, politics, business - how to combine all this in women's destiny? “It is real to combine and at the same time not to lose your beauty and become happy,” Yanina Dubeykovskaya said. Ugra women talked about this. Happiness is a real resource that helps a woman achieve her success in all directions.”

Ksenia Bezuglova, a Member of the Board of Social Patronage under the Government of the Russian Federation, a Member of the Commission for disabled People under the President of the Russian Federation, said that “only kindness and love can make the world a better place. We, women, are mainly strong with inner beauty.”

Elena Avdeeva, a Member of the Council of Federation Committee on Federal Structure, Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and Affairs of the North, read out the greeting address of the Chairman of the Council of the Federation of Russia Valentina Matvienko and noted: “Ugra is a successful region, the achievements of which became possible also due to the fact that your leader does not work on PR, but on those points that hurt.”

Natalia Komarova expressed her position on the topic under discussion: “The feminine potential is that we are women. What is stopping you? You should never behave like a man, under any circumstances. To be a woman is an advantage, you need not to look for other options. For a leader, first of all, need to have a team. You are a leader if you have a team and you know how to work in it.”

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