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To Gennady Raishev, the Honored Artist of Russia


To Gennady Raishev, the Honored Artist of Russia

Dear Gennady Stepanovich!
Please let me congratulate you with your anniversary!
For almost eight decades, you have been into creative work, which the most vivid pages of Ugra’s cultural life are connected with. A unique talent and creative energy have made you the most beloved and recognizable artist, putting our autonomous area on the map in Russia and abroad.
This success has the origins. You have not only inherited the cultural code of the indigenous peoples of the North, through your own life you have embodied it in the language of contemporary art, forcing to empathize and feel, admire the beauty of Northern nature and strength of human spirit. That is why the collection of your works and graphic series occupy a special place in art museums of Ugra and our entire country.
But more importantly, the place that your creativity takes in the hearts and minds of Ugra’s people. You have formed your own artistic style, the language, which is understandable to anyone who has chosen the North as their home. Let this language consolidates the northerners again and again, let your new discoveries and achievements continue to delight the fans of your creativity, among whom I put myself as well.  
I wish you, dear Gennady Stepanovich, inexhaustible inspiration, good health and all the best!

N. Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region

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