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To guests and participants of “Theatre Meetings in Ugra”


To guests and participants of “Theatre Meetings in Ugra”

Dear friends,

Welcome to the all-Russian festival - Theatre Meetings in Ugra, which is successfully held in our autonomous region for the second time. 

The current year is the Year of Culture in Russia. It is fortunate to us that this time Yugorsk, one of the recognized centres of theatrical activities, has become a platform for such a large, significant event. Hooked on the bold and innovative ideas, masters of theatrical scenes from many regions of our country have submitted their best performances, helped to identify new talented directors and actors, of course, have pleased the audience. I am sure that all participants and guests of the Festival have witnessed a special creative spirit, enjoyed what they have seen. 

The unbridled imagination and energy helped creators and artists to create original images, each of which can rightly be called an event in the world of amateur performing arts. Let these events and creative breakthroughs to take place as often as possible. Let the upcoming Festival be included into the treasury of the best theatrical debuts of the decade. 

I wish all participants of the Festival unforgettable impressions, appreciative audience,
good luck and new victories!

Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region
N. Komarova

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