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Speech of the Acting Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova at the panel discussion "Smart region is a convenient region in the information state" in the framework of the VII International IT-Forum of the BRICS and the SCO countries


Speech of the Acting Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova at the panel discussion "Smart region is a convenient region in the information state" in the framework of the VII International IT-Forum of the BRICS and the SCO countries

Good afternoon, dear colleagues.

I’d like to continue the theme that was started at the opening of the IT-forum. I want to support the Minister about the fact that it is still very important for us to be focused on combining our efforts. In this way, our proposal of joint action in the field of telemedicine has a particular importance because it is a tool of the entire population of the planet in the essential humanitarian tasks– the state of human health. Healthy person can solve any kind of economic or humanitarian problem.

This year on the sidelines of the forum we will present our Territorial information system. I hope it will draw your attention. This is quite interesting and advanced software. Today it includes over 800 thematic map layers. More than 2 million different objects information of were loaded in a system. We opened the public segment in this system which enables us to obtain feedback from the public on the information in those management decisions that includes TIS. Obtaining unconditional trust in decision-making is one of the key tasks of management.

Part of the information from the system is being placed on the common website of the authorities of the region. 134 set of open data are published there. If you take the results of observation of the freedom of information Foundation, our district has third place among the subjects of the Russian Federation in publishing of open data.

Another priority area for us, if we talk about "smart region" and the set of tools, technologies, which are used by authorities in order to obtain such a status, is crowdsourcing technology. I'd brought the example of our project "Together for decent medicine" as really useful. On this site a number of joint public solutions, implementation of which led to concrete benefits for humans, was developed. These decisions influenced on the reduction of deaths and to the reduction of waiting time in the queue to receive certain services in the field of health.

It is also important to ensure unimpeded access to services, wherever citizen lives. For our country and countries included in the BRICS and the SCO, this is a very hot topic. The regions are large. Areas, where settlements are located, are also quite remote, different loads, different levels of comfort. But the constitutional rights of citizens, including those embodied in this or that municipal services should be provided regardless of where people live. For us it is a quite serious task. In the ranking of the Ministry on the proportion of the population using a Single portal of public services, we took second place in the country with a rate of 31.8%.

Multifunctional centers play great role. It should be notice that we are connected to the program of the Government of the Russian Federation. I will mention one of the best results – it is people's satisfaction with the level and quality of services available in the DCP; it is over 86%. We will strive for 90. The remaining 10% will be left for the development.

The third area concerns the characteristics of a smart region. Here I’d like to draw your attention to our exhibition "Information technologies work for everyone". Innovations of our residents of high technologies were presented there. Today Technopark is accompanied by about 40 IT companies and startups. We see the effectiveness of such support. I will mention only one indicator that characterizes my assessment. Region receives about 4 rubles tax for each ruble invested in the technology Park.

The fourth is investment in human capital. In our region we have the "E-citizen" program implemented, thanks to which, more than 76 thousand people including more than 50 thousand – in 2011 have introduced to information technology. Among them, about 21 thousand are the elderly people and people with disabilities. We focus on supporting them, and it is most noticeable in education and medicine.

The fifth direction is about the issues of providing software product of management decisions of the regions aimed at the safety of citizens. In the Russian Federation the General objectives were formulated in the programmes concerning the implementation of the common number 112, "Safe region", and "Safe city". We are ready to present the knowledge that we have.

In conclusion, I’d note that the forum participants brought pretty interesting projects with them. I hope that each of us will find the opportunity to get acquainted with these developments that each of us has enough talent to manage the information that we will receive here.

I’d like to go back to our past. Obviously, the invention of the printing press Gutenberg was the point when information became valuable in the world of human and social relations. The value of the one who has mastered the possibility of creating information flows better than others, the disposal of these information streams, immediately establishes a leadership position of such talented regions and states. I think that we will do this all together - to unite our efforts in order to be in the history of information technology. Welcome again, good luck!




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