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Speech of the Acting Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova at the opening ceremony of the seventh International IT-forum with the participation of BRICS and SCO


Speech of the Acting Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova at the opening ceremony of the seventh International IT-forum with the participation of BRICS and SCO

Welcome to Ugra. The competition for the Governor's Cup in rowing ended yesterday. I want to emphasize that no matter how far we progressed in the creation and perception of a new, our success will be high only if we will always refer to the past.


We meet in a special atmosphere of trust and belonging to good changes, because our forum is at the input of the summits of heads of BRICS and the SCO states. Such developments open up new frontiers for cooperation.


In Fortaleza Declaration of the BRICS countries, adopted at the summit last year, information and communication technology was named as instrument of promotion sustainable economic progress and social integration. It seems to that this is a universal formula of development, which is applicable in all regions of the BRICS and the SCO. Therefore, we have to develop and to amend this formula together.


Year ago the initiative of the Council of regions of the States parties to the BRICS was born on the sidelines of the forum. Reporting to the participants of the forum, over the past time our initiative was supported by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, was prepared the concept and the draft Memorandum. Now these documents are discussed in the BRICS countries. We are coming to the creation of a Board and ready to go with the first large-scale projects, for promoting of which we could tackle together.


It should be mentioned about our joint with the forum organizers, the government of Ugra and the Tomsk region initiatives and developments. Last year we devoted much time to the development of telemedicine. Innovation project "Creation of compatible integrated telemedicine systems in the regions of the BRICS countries" is proposed. In fact, we are talking about the combined potential and opportunities of the largest economies of the world, containing more than 40% of the population of the planet to put their resources to protect human health, no matter where citizen lives. Effect of merger in the essential of humanitarian tasks will change our national health system, will be a new word and standard in medicine. We believe that this project is worthy of the support of the new development Bank of BRICS and our full participation.


The development and widespread implementation of lean manufacturing technology is another vector of uniting the efforts, a huge field for cooperation.


This year's forum is devoted to the creation of smart, convenient, economical regions. Today, such approaches are especially needed to improve the availability and quality of social and public services. This vector of humanitarian partnership brings together solving common challenges in many regions of the world.


Now we form the regional Council of chief designers on lean technologies in the Autonomous Okrug. I believe that Russia, the BRICS and the SCO have many suggestions for areas of work of the Council of regions of the BRICS, and in areas of deployment of these technologies. We are interested in the involvement of experts from the BRICS and the SCO. I hope that the forum will allow us to expand the horizons of cooperation and to progress to new forms of partnership and new ideas and projects. We definitely will be successful with such friends. We are sure of it as well as in each of our partners!


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