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The interview with Natalia Komarova the Governor of Ugra in “Chetvertaya vlast” TV show


The interview with Natalia Komarova the Governor of Ugra in “Chetvertaya vlast” TV show

TV program record is presented below:

YU. KARPEKIN, the political expert, the anchor at «Ugra» district TV channel: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! You are watching “Chetvertaya vlast” TV show. Let me introduce to you Vitaliy Titov, the editor in chief at “Ugra-Mediagroup” holding and my today’s co-anchor.

V. TITIOV, the editor in chief at “Ugra-Mediagroup” holding:AndYuriy Karpekin the political expert, the anchor at «Ugra» district TV channel. Today we have a possibility to ask questions to Natalia Vladimirovna Komarova, the Governor of Ugra.

YU. KARPEKIN: Glad to see you here, Natalia Vladimirovna.

The video clip about the main events occurred in 2012 is on the air. 

YU. KARPEKIN: So, you are watching “Chetvertaya vlast” TV show. Natalia Vladimirovna,at the beginning of the program we saw the video about the main, key events occurred during this, rather complicated in my opinion, year. What do you think about this year? How do you appreciate this year in terms of main political events? What political events can you outline? What was the most significant political event for the country and Ugra?

N. KOMAROVA: In my opinion, the most significant event wasthe election of the President of the Russian Federation. The major part of Ugra citizens has supported Vladimir Putin on the election day. I think, I understand why. His program declarations, Decrees signed in May, and the last Presidential Address absolutelycorrespond to the expectations and demands of the population of our Autonomous Okrug. Speaking about the last document, the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, I would like to note that it contained the mechanisms and the ways of implementation of all those things, which were declared by the President for his term of office. All these declarations align with the approach of Ugra. The responsibility and additional possibilities weresimultaneously settled both for the regions, municipalities, civil society and people. In connection with this, I think, we will work together on the things we have conceived, on things, which,in our opinion, are important for the Autonomous Okrug and for the Russian Federation in whole. I think that the main political event of the outgoing year was the election of Vladimir Putin as a President of the Russian Federation.

YU. KARPEKIN: Thank you.

V. TITIOV: May be you can outline any political event that had a significant meaning for Urga? The event mentioned by you was the national one.

N. KOMAROVA: A lot of significant events occurin Ugra every day, and in the political sphere as well. May be you can consider them not very important, but in my opinion, they are very important. I monitor not only the situation in the sphere of security, situation in different industries, maintenance of the of implementation of target programs’schedules, progress of target programs, amounts of money received by the budget, oil volumes produced. Simultaneously I monitor the political activity of the population, both in the Internet and in other spheres. It is one of the key indicators. The faster and more clearly we will understand and do everything to make the people of Ugra count themselves the citizens of the Russian Federation, the faster we will begin to live a life that we deserve and want.

V. TITIOV: Natalia Vladimirovna, when preparing to this program I had a talk with my colleagues-journalists, and they shared the following opinion. They said that people think that the main political and economic event, at least in Nizhnevartovsk, is the transformation of Nizhnevartovsk from TNK-BP's domain into the domain of Rosneft. And what economic event in the life of Ugra do you considerto be a key one in this outgoing year?

N. KOMAROVA: Of course, this event is very important for the world and oil community, and for the Russian Federation. May be it is an important local event for Nizhnevartovsk too. But I would like to lay stresses in another way. I think that the most significant economic event was the 10-millionth ton of oil produced by a several generations of the Ugra citizens and the opening of the new 10-millionth era for the specialists and for the whole people living in the Autonomous Okrug. I think there could be no another opinion, no another alternative to this event in this year. This new 10-millionth oil era will set the priorities for those, who will provide this new milestone, in another way. You and I were the initiators of many ideas, required to be approved at the federal level, which would allow us to solve these tasks properly in a way, necessary to ensure the security of the Autonomous Okrug and the Russian Federation in whole. Such decisions were made. Returning to what I was saying about Rosneft, in the early December those signals were accepted by the investors, the specialists in this sphere, and the agreement with “Exxon Mobil” for test co-development of Achimov and Bazhenov deposits was signed. It is a great project in terms of investments as it involves more than 9 billion of rubles. That means these are not just words. We offered the certain solutions. The Government of the Russian Federation and the President made a number of such solutions. But the soundest reaction is the reaction of the investors. They gave us their credits; theyconsideredthat the decisions made weresufficient enough to develop new projects. These are very important signals for our new stage of development in the oil business.

V TITOV: Speaking about the new projects, just a week ago there was launched a new gas processing complex at South-Balyk oil deposit for associated gas treatment. The specialists speak in glowing terms about this facility. We want to know your opinion. What does the launch of this plant and probably the similar plants mean for Ugra?

N. KOMAROVA: Yes, this is a gas-processing complex. First of all,the new facilities, which allow almost to double existing capacities, were put into operation. Secondly, if and when a gas pipeline is built, for example, “Uganskneftegas” will be able to dispose, to process 95% of associated gas. As I said, it will be an ecological present for Ugra citizens, a very important thing, and along-lasting one. This is not only my opinion; this is the opinion of Ugra citizens. When discussing the “Strategy - 2030”, Ugra citizens had outlined two areas of economic development important for the Autonomous Okrug. The first one is the development of oil and gas processing and oil and gas service areas. Introduction of each new facility in this sphere fully corresponds to the expectations of the citizens of the Autonomous Okrug with respect to further development of the regional economy. This year we have put into operation two new gas-processing plants and two new facilities at the existing South-Balyk gas-processing complex for the first time in a long period. This is a good result for the economy in 2012. Moreover these actions have positive ecological and social impacts, as they allow to create new jobs, new technology intensive jobs.

V. TITOV: Howeverbesides those factors mentioned by you there is another one –the energy factor. Probably those complexes can produce electricity?

N. KOMAROVA: When we are speaking about the disposal of associated gas, electricity production becomes the focus areas. And we have the examples, when associated gas is used as a raw material for electricity production. That’s true.

V. TITOV: Besides, may be you can tell us something about power sector regarding the results of the outgoing year?

N. KOMAROVA: Power sector is one of the leading economic sectors of the Autonomous Okrug together with oil production. We occupy the leading positions in the Russian Federation with regard to electricity production. That is why the development of this sector is very important for us. This year was a momentous one for the power sector. Power-generating units of Surgut GRES-2 were put into operation. We expect the first power-generating unit of Nyagan GRES to be put into operation soon. The third power-generating unit of Nizhnevartovsk GRES is under the construction. The construction of these facilities is the result of development of production capacities for electricity generation. However, in spite the fact that we are among the leaders in the sphere of electricity production, three main energy-generating regions – Nizhnevartovsk, Nefteyugansk, and Kogalym – were the risky ones in terms of electricity supply. As we call this situation “a wheelbarrow without a wheel”. This situation vividly demonstrates, how we do not want to live. Kogalym region is the last risky area. But we will exclude this region from the risky zone, when a high-voltage power transmission line will be constructed in the first quarter of 2013. Simultaneously we will improve the security of electric power supply to Yamal. That is why this year was very important in terms of achievement of certain development indicators for Yamal too.

YU. KARPEKIN: Let me give the floor to our colleagues.

V. GUDZOVSKIY, the editor in chief of «Nash rayon» newspaper: A part of localities of Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug is still poweredbythe electricity generated by diesel power plants.  Consequently there is a dependence on fuel delivered in summer resulting in a costly kilowatt-hour. The solution of this problem is out of the authority of municipal officials. Here comes the question, is it planned to connect Krasnoleninsk, Kedroviy, Elizarovo and a number of other localities to the centralized electricity supply?

N. KOMAROVA: Thank you that you have started to speak about the global power sector in terms of needs of a certain individual and the most under-populated localities of the Autonomous Okrug. The settlements mentioned by you are not included into the program for the transition to the centralized electricity supply that exists and is actively funded in the okrug today. However, several other localities of the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug will be included into the area of centralized electricity supply before 2016. The works aimed at modernization of facilities, which supply three localities mentioned by you with the electricity, are scheduled and implemented. Now we will let it go at that. According to the latest data we have 48 settlements with the population less or slightly above than 100 people. In connection with this it is very important for us to make a decision that will both create favorable living conditions for people residing in those settlements, and ensure that the budgetary means are spent in a proper manner. The special measures of state support are effective with regard to those localities, which will remain out of the area of centralized electricity supply. More than 200 millions of rubles were allocated from the budget of the Autonomous Okrug in this year to solve the problems associated with the cost of living in such settlements. The payments of citizensliving in such settlements and thosepeople, who make business there, are subsidized. We want people to work there. Today such a policy exists with regard to the problem you have mentioned. This is a thorny and very important issue in terms of living standards assurance.

YU. KARPEKIN: Natalia Vladimirovna let's speak about the social sphere. What can you call a social breakthrough of 2012?

N. KOMAROVA: I can't say whether it is a breakthrough or not, but improving demographic situation is certainly among the positive results achieved by the Autonomous Okrug. During the noughties theAutonomous Okrugsuffered from the demographic crisis. Infant mortality during that period made 10,2. Today this indicator is half as large and makes 4,7. The same indicator for the Russian Federation makes 7,4. Last year the birth rate reached its historical highsand made 25 335 infants. According to the forecasts of the experts we will break this record, becauseduring the first 11 months of this year 24 999 of infants were already born. In connection with this I would like to say that these are the most important, determinant results, which force us to develop and achieve success in every social related and not only social, but economic spheres as well. It is also worth to mention about the completion of several facilities, which were under the construction for a very long time. Now I can tell you with a satisfaction that we have brought the story with the construction and putting into operation of Cancer and Ophthalmology centers to its end. Thus the citizens of the Autonomous Okrug havegot the access to hi tech medical services. Now people, who need such medical help, should not go somewhere outside the Autonomous Okrug. But if to speak about the results in the social sphere, I would like to dwell on infant issue.

YU.KARPEKIN: We have already spoken about countryside. The future of the big cities is often associated with the activity of major enterprises, with the growth rates of small and medium businesses, and other factors. The life in countryside is more settled, and is characterized by the lower cash turnover in comparison with the big cities. We have a video demonstrating the unprecedented migration of people to countryside. Let’s watch the video and then I’ll ask the question.

The video about the migration of people to countryside is on the air. 

YU. KARPEKIN: So, Natalia Vladimirovna, What should the population of countryside and small settlements rely upon? Should they rely upon migration? How should we live further?

N. KOMAROVA:People have the right to make their own choices. The residents of Bazyany and Sukhorukov moved to another place because they wanted to do so, but not because we forced them to change their address. I came across with their elective resolution in November 2010. This was a formed balanced decision. And I hope these people do not look back and feel sorrow for what they have done. But at that moment we found that we were not ready to solve such problems in an integrated manner. We created a corresponding regulatory frameworkto make the people to understand what will happen next. Each officer also new what he or she should do on his or her own place, and what he or she were responsible for. Then we chose a place where the people would move. We offered Yarki settlement in the Khanty-Mansiysk district. The people agreed with our choice. I would like to thank all people, who have supported this project. But I think that the project is not completed yet. Of course we have offered to the people more than 100 flats almost simultaneously. However I wish there would be a fully formed infrastructure. I think that the absence ofa school and kindergarten is theshortfall of the Governance of the Autonomous Okrug. Of course there were no kindergartens and schools in Bazyany and Sukhorukov tool. But we have no right to look back. We have no right to set the bar low. Making any decision we should set the highest standards possible. That is why the migration to Yarki is still in progress. I do not like to speak about this a lot. I would not touch this issue at all if it was not your question, probably till the moment when everything necessary is done. Coming back to the beginning of my answer once more, I would like to note that such decisions should be made by the people, by the authorities. They should create the conditions for implementation of such decisions. The priorities should be organized in this way. And there is another moment. Probably you will consider me to be a very old-fashioned person, or you won't understand me from the first time, but I think that countryside should exist in Russia. I think that countryside is a guardian and source of Russianness. Excuse me for my slang, but I would like you to understand me, to understand my point of view. In our case we should especially appreciate the countryside, as it bears responsibility for the preservation of the whole nations, representing the indigenous minorities of the North. The cities, the territories outside the traditional places of inhabitance and economic activity offer another opportunities to preserve ethnic groups. That is why countryside should exist and we have fixed this approach in the plans of the Autonomous Okrug. In this year we will allocate more that one billion rubles for the development of the agroindustrial complexand traditional economic activities. 170 million rubles will be spent on the development of the territories of the traditional use of natural resources. We are speaking about a huge amount of money. First of all, I think we should not refuse from this area of activity because of the responsibility before the future generations. I hope you will support me.

V. TITOV: Our colleagues want to ask you one more question. 

R. RESHETNIKOVA, the editor in chief of «Khanty-Yasang» and «Luima Seripos» associated newspapers' office: Natalia Vladimirovna, early this month you have visited Vanzevat settlement in the Beloyarsk district. Our newspapersis writing about the life in the small villages, and we would like to know, what issues interested the residents of our village most of all. Tell us about you impressions with regard to your visit.

N. KOMAROVA: It is a good village.I like it. It is a real village with a nice school, 18 teachers and a little more number of pupils. Some of them were awarded with the silver medals at the end of the academic year. You see how important an individual approach canbe. Besides the festival of folk crafts was held there.Both old and young people are engaged in folk crafts there, and all of them are very talented people. No onewas left untouched. Not long ago I have participated in the meeting of the Russian committee of the UNESCO. We discussed an opportunity to host the International Congress of traditional artistic crafts and the International festival of crafts of indigenous groups. I think that such cooperation of the Autonomous Okrug and the UNESCO is very effective and allow us both to share our experience, and to involve the experience of other ethnic groups. Why do I constantly dwell on this issue? No matter how things are going on, despite any idea that may arise in this sphere, I always consider them with regard to the people. May be you have noticed that all those things and events are considered with regard to people and are aimed at preservation of an individual. We shall make it possible for each individual to evolve in his our culture, among his ethnic group and public spirit. But we can make an individual to develop and preserve his ethnic group only if this individual is able to act.  It is important to create the conditions in order to make people strive for development. People should want to develop independently, rather to live at someone else's bidding, even if this someone is a highly respected person. In is very important to develop independently. 

YU.KARPEKIN: Well, Natalia Vladimirovna, one more topic…

N.KOMAROVA: Note, that when kids grow up, among their first words “mom”, “dad”, “yes” there is one more – “by myself”. I will do it by myself. But after a few pedagogical and education mistakes of ours this phrase goes out of the use. And the kid says “what will you give us?” “why were not we given this?” “what do I have to do?” “where do I have to go?” “By myself” is genetically in each of us and it mustn’t be lost. And those who interact with people, our officials, have to create conditions to stimulate this “by myself”, our aspiration to do everything independently.

Y.KARPEKIN: I will continue.  Regarding the mistakes. One more topic. Whether you don’t consider it to be a mistake. Just 50 kilometers of road in Ivdelskiy direction, Perm, remained to be built. Tomsk is ready to join the federal corridor to Nizhnevartovsk. Together with relatively cheap goods, and it’s not a secret, criminality will come here, in some extent the drug trafficking will be increased due to the openness of the region. How do you evaluate these risks?

N.KOMAROVA: Yes, these are the risks.

YU.KARPEKIN: And migrants as well. Illegal migrants.

N.KOMAROVA:  Yes, it’s risky. But similar decisions have been already taken in the Autonomous Okrug, when the bridge connecting Khanty-Mansiysk and Nyagan direction was built; there were a lot discussions and worries. But, as I understand, still there are more pros than cons. So I would like to remember the message of the President of the Russian Federation. I admit the usage of one basic idea or some indicator I use all the time for decision-making – it’s how this or that decision will affect the level of settlement of the Autonomous Okrug by migrants.  Internal and external as well. In this message I caught the words of Vladimir Vladimirovich, which stated that there are problems and the regions are responsible for solving them. In this regard, apparently, it’s just necessary to work on. Find new ways to solve such issues. Preparing to the additional openness of the Autonomous Okrug in the direction to Yekaterinburg, Perm on the one hand, Tomsk region on the other hand, today immigration officers and law enforcement bodies are engaged in the coordination of joint activities with their neighbors. In this regard, we are actively working to open the north latitudinal way. We consider this direction to be extremely important for the economics of the Autonomous Okrug. This is what we need for economic development, for the development of quality of life, level of responsibility for their lives, including for security - this is the first. The second. Practically we don’t have stationary posts of traffic police on the highways of Autonomous Okrug. But it’s very important to know the state of affairs and to constantly monitor what is happening on the roads. Therefore today we spend the resources – more than 300 million rubles are planned in the corresponding program of Autonomous Okrug for the next year to provide the solution of this issue with modern methods. These are video systems that will ensure the CCTV, alerts and help the experts to deal with the received data. Thus, we have to think of this. Nothing wrong is in the fact that we are afraid of the risks.

Y.KARPEKIN: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

N.KOMAROVA:  Yes. We also create the list of risks that anyway will accompany all the positive aspects of the project. Everybody has to be prepared to this circumstance and just to work, being responsible for the respective areas.

V.TITOV: The issue of dealing with migrants is very complex. And a lot of us would like to ask this question. So, I give the chance to my colleagues to continue the topic.

E.BEZPROZVANNYH, the editor in chief of the news agency «Mangazeya»: Ugra is becoming a desirable place for migrants from neighboring countries. People, having come from abroad, rapidly gain the citizenship, take the place in the waiting lists to the kindergartens. For example, families came from abroad, usually, have many children and thus automatically become the participants of the preferential queue.  As it’s well known, housing in Ugra is given to the participants of some programs, the queue is extremely long and people wait for more than 20-30 years. Natalia, please, tell us, is it possible to limit the possibilities of those who have recently acquired citizenship of Ugra and empower the old-timers?

N.KOMAROVA:  Ekaterina, I have to admit, that something good that you called to be attractive for migrants is primarily created for the people of Ugra. There are provisions in our legislation that establish the so-called residency requirement for obtaining a particular right. And in this regard, taking in account what I have said before regarding my concern about the issue of making it easy for people coming to our okrug, who want to stay here, to work and live with us, as our Ugra laws require. I’m ready to support similar initiatives. Just recently I’ve given corresponding instructions. We want to adopt a certain code that would unite all governmental supporting measures in the field of social politics. And the problem that you are talking about, in my opinion and from the perspective of people of Ugra, has also to be reflected there. Today we can find similar provision in individual acts but it’s necessary to unify all that we have gained in this regard. But, really, Ugra is among the leading subjectsof the Russian Federation by the level of social protection and social policy favorable to people. All the data are necessary to be unified so that each citizen could understand what and where can get. On the other hand, we have to define the conditions under which it should occur. And I think that we really have to solve problems that you are talking about. Today, I often hear the requirements of people who came to Autonomous Okrug just yesterday but have already faced the problems with housing, employment and other social opportunities in our Autonomous Okrug. The justice must be here.

YU.KARPEKIN: One more question.

A.MARCHENKO, the journalist at «SurgutInterNovosti» TV and radio company: Natalia Vladimirovna, can Ugra, taking into account the example of neighboring region, close 1-2 cities, as it has been done in Novy Urengoy. Why our neighbors have taken such a decision, how do you think? Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-MansiyskAutonomous Okrug are similar.

N.KOMAROVA: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug was virtually the border zone in the Soviet period. This is the first. The second –I have spent more than half of my life to return Novy Urengoy directly back to the boundary zone and therefore the area of limited movement. This decision was taken in 2006. Now is the very time. The relevant procedures are developed and officials are employed. The infrastructure is created for the provision of this order. I am not going to cite the Constitution on the human rights and freedoms. I just want to admit that Yamal and Novy Urengoy have completely different levels of openness today. And once again, going back to the history of this question, to the already existing solution, that was canceled and then returned again. If a resident of the Autonomous Okrug face to face with me, as with a governor, sets a tasks I’m going to deal with it, no matter how difficult is it. If there is no such task, we are now discussing all the pros and cons and possibilities to solve the issue. Why I returned this question to people? Because I have an experience in solving similar problems, directly in Yamal and Novy Uregnoy. This one the one hand. One the other hand I have a similar experience in Ugra. When the question was raised for many years to assign the areas of Berezovskiy and Beloyarskiy regions to the territories of Far North, and we’ve done it. So, in this case, I tried to give an example, that if people set a task, I, as a governor, and the Government of the Autonomous Okrug, municipalities, deputies and all other authorities will do our best to resolve the issue. And we really do this. If the government notices the problem, it tries to solve it. It’s worth to admit, that it’s extremely difficult under the existing legislation with regard to the subject.

V. TITOV: And another rather thorny question for the major part of the population. We are speaking about the housing question. Can we construct one million square meters of living spaces this year?

N. KOMAROVA: Neither municipalities, nor the investors gave up on this project. On December 14 I had another meeting with all participants of this project, and I can say that today we are solving the problem at a faster pace in comparison with the previous year. This means that we have a chance to achieve the objective. According to the statistics the last time more than one million square meters of living spaces was erected between 1986 and 1989. The same is for Yamal. If to speak about the modern period we have to take into consideration current conditions. 2008-2009 was the crisis period. The construction industry was the first that suffered in such unfavorable conditions. And our construction industry was not the exception. The construction industry was on the verge of bankruptcy; the sites and communal infrastructure were not prepared. Sometimes we can’t commission tens of thousands of square meters, because there are no communal infrastructure facilities, because we either cannot to connect to water supply facilities, or to power supply facilities, and so on. However we will not force the events and will not commission these square meters of living spaces at any price, neither we will create the corresponding reports. And the related agency of the Autonomous Okrug that accepts living spaces will act correspondingly. However the investors do not like our decision. But we will accept houses only under the strictest rules. I do not want to sign the documents about the commission of living spaces in the unhabitable houses. Several years ago some of such houses were accepted. The people are still complaining, even to the President of the Russian Federation. They complain that it is impossible to live in such dwellings. Here are the good and the bad. But there are thepossibilities, and what is more important, a demand to build more than a million square meters of living spaces per year. We should just organize all the participants of this process. Contractors should be preparedin terms of capacities. They should provide all necessary facilities, materials and specialists. Municipalities should prepare land plots. They should provide all necessary engineering and transport infrastructure. A complex approach should be implemented, because there should be no housing without schools, kindergartens, pavements, and so on. All landscaping and site finishing works should be implemented. However we have another picture. And that is why we should rethink the way in which we can provide people with that million square meters of living spaces. We are already improving the situation. Believe me, as a governor, I would be pleased with the possibility to report about millions and millions of constructed square metes in our okrug. But I know that we should do a great work to get these million square meters. This work is probably invisible to the rest of people, but no living spaces could be accepted without this work& Without this work all constructionactivities will be like a colossus with feet of clay. That is why I ask you not to be tolerant. You should demand this million of square meters from me, from the Government of the Autonomous Okrug. I have shared my position with you to demonstrate, what I am trying to do, to make work be done in a consistent manner. Because everything should run like clockwork, and first of all at the municipality level. This is very important. In fact, this is what we are doing.

YU. KARPEKIN: We just have a municipal example. Show us a video from Yugorsk, please.

A video about the benefits provided to the citizens for the registration of the newly built individual houses. 

YU. KARPEKIN: Our colleagues from Yugorsk are here in this studio. You are welcome.

A.ROMANOVSKAYA, the representative of «Yugorskiy vestnik» newspaper and «Yugorsk-TV» channel: Natalia Vladimirovna not 24, but almost 30 peoplereceived this benefit. What are the additional measures, which will, probably, introduced in the okra to support the housing construction?

N. KOMAROVA: The problem you are talking about exists. However not only physical entities, but also legal ones do not strive to commission the projects. Some of them act this way because they should pay a property tax right after the commissioning. On the one hand people try to avoid such expensesto the extent possible for the purpose of optimization. On the other hand these tax revenues are the revenues of the local budgets. The direct dependence and mutual demand exist in connection with this. That is why the authorities of Yugo’s “made multiple approaches” with a request to allocate funds from the budget of the okra. I can provide a lot of such examples. But it does not work, when you provide funds. Actually, it is the responsibility of the municipalities to provide people with the living spaces. This is the first moment. Secondly, all revenues go to the municipal budget. I said them: “Make an effort. Make an experiment. If you succeed with these premiums, as they call these benefits in Yugo’s, we will return you that money. But we will pay you for the result, not in advance. That is why, please, support the local authorities, and these expenses will be compensated from the budget of the okra. By the way, Yugo’s is among those municipalities, where we will fail to commission planned square meters of living spaces. But it is among the leaders in private housing construction, probably, together with Khanty-Mansiysk. Well, then, this year they have already commissioned 12.5 thousand square meters of individual houses, and they also plan to commission another 2.5 thousands. They plan to commission 18 thousand square meters in multifamily houses. But at first they planned to commission about 38 thousand square meters. To be fair it the fault of the investors. However, this does not waive responsibility neither from the governor, nor from the municipal authorities. That means we have not done everything we could. That is why if other municipalities find another ways to activate the population and own work with regard to this issue, then we will cooperate on the individual basis in this sphere. I repeat once more, this is a very important thing. I won’t give up, because I know that it is very difficult, and even impossible to rely only upon the plans of someone else, but not on own decisions. This is my dream. It is necessary to make own decisions.

YU. KARPEKIN: Natalia Vladimirovna, peoplediscussed the candidates for the key posts in the regionhere in this studio and of course in the Internet. Was it a good experience?

N. KOMAROVA: I think, it was a good experience. I think so for one reason only. When I meetwith people, and in the Internet as well, I amadvised to develop such communications. The case is that the people, who had passed through this, they assumed personalresponsibility; they received an instruction. I am telling this, as a person, who has participated in a great number of elections. And when I sought their support, they told me, that a responsibility is already rested on me. This is not captured in the legislation yet. And by the way, the candidates are very brave people. They do it, but they are not obliged to. They may say: «If you do not like me, I will not do it, meet someone else.» But hey do it, and itspeaks about another personal level ofan individual. It shows that a person wants to listen to another opinion, to be assessed not only by a single leader, but also by a greater number of people, whom he or she is in charge of. That is why we take a social sphere, to make people to response directly. Because they directly and personally provide social services to a person. All other people, specialists and leaders, are working in professional sphere, while the leaders of social sector and social institutions are working directly with people. And when such specialists tell me about something that I do not know, what will happen to you, when this or that will be done. He,being a carrier of the reforms and changes, which he should provide, he cannot say that he does not know, does not understand and that he does not consider himself to be responsible for this. They rehash such procedures. This is another mentality.

YU. KARPEKIN: Unfortunately our time is running out. Natalia Vladimirovna, we have a tradition to ask the hot-seat questions at the end of the program. Brief answers are welcomed. And I will start with the topic that we have touched on our first meeting within the frame of «Chetvertaya vlast» TV program. Has a problem with your fireplace been fixed?

N. KOMAROVA: No, it hasn't. And, probably, there are more important objectives, and this is ok. (Laughing)

V. TITOV: Then the next question. Have you really been to the North Pole? And what was the weather there?

N. KOMAROVA: The weather was very comfort. The temperature was -18. The sun above the sky. Three days later an ice float, on which a plane had landed, splitted and everyone was engaged in a rescue activity. 

YU. KARPEKIN: Will you participate in governor elections in 2015?

N. KOMAROVA: It is not a problem for me. But I will ask the people.

V. TITOV: And what is about possible association of Tyumen region, Ugra and Yamal? Is it just another rumor?

N. KOMAROVA: Yes, it is a rumor. And I do not like this rumor. Why not? Because I want people to trust their governor, but not to an unknown source of information. At least in this case. And I stress once more, such issue appears on the agenda neither of the federal bodies, nor of the government authority of the subject of the Russian Federation. Today one more time this topic run like a common thread. Only the Ugra citizens can make such decision, but nobody else.

YU. KARPEKIN: How do you plan to celebrate New Year? Do you like holidays?

N. KOMAROVA: I think, I like. Why not? The majority of people are in good mood, and this is all right. If to speak about my NY holidays, traditionally we try to gather the whole family together in one place. And that is good, especially when everyone became a grownup, an independent person. It is already a holiday to gather together. (Laughing).

V. TITOV: Do you know, what your relatives will present to you?

N. KOMAROVA: No, I don't.

YU. KARPEKIN: Do you like gifts?

N. KOMAROVA: I like to give gifts. I really like to give them.

YU. KARPEKIN: And now a little surprise. Look to the screen. Natalia Vladimirovna, do you remember?

N. KOMAROVA: Yes, I do.

YU. KARPEKIN: The residence of the chief Ded Moroz of the country. As far as I remember, there is a tradition make wishes. Do you remember your wish? Did come true?

N. KOMAROVA: No, I do not remember my wish. (Laughing). It was in 2009. A lot of years passed since then, and I had a lot of wishes.

YU. KARPEKIN: Then, a wish to all viewers of «Ugra» TV channel. You have an opportunity to wish something to our viewers in advance of the New Year.

N. KOMAROVA: I wish we could be together. I wish every family would be able to gather at a festive tableon New Year's eve. I wish health and good luck to you, my friends, and to your relatives. Thank you. Happy New Year!

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