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Interview of the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova to OGONEK the Magazine


Interview of the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova to OGONEK the Magazine

Natalia Komarova – Freedom is a personal notion

About My Origins

I guess I am a daughter of my father although he waited for a son and if remembering our family legends he did not seek for take us with my mother maternity hospital. But finally we came home and I know for sure he loved me much. He died in 2010 and still I feel pain. My dad was a metallurgist and distinguished deputy of the state council. Also, he worked as a secretary of the party organization of the factory shop. He worked till the last day of his 79 years. That was a very strong and lively man and more exactly, not lively but with humor, light vein of humor. Many loved him very much. 

My mom is great and thanks God she is alive. She is a teacher by her education and the whole life she worked as a day-care assistant. And naturally, it left its mark on her since despite we are adult with my brother still she knows what to teach us. Our relations with my brother are the same as people want. We are real sister and brother and I enjoy such a huge happiness. 

About My Childhood

Our parents did not train us at all: dad was always busy with his work and mom too; neither teacher could leave a kindergarten till the last child is taken out. And then, routine takes place – shop, cooking, tidying up… And my great thanks for that she undertook everything in our family. Perhaps, the main thing that I inherited from her character that this feature I call “mummy essence”, i.e. constant care about family when everything is good and everybody is healthy. We were fairly well off according to the soviet standards. And the precise word featuring us is well-wishing atmosphere, which prevailed in our family. As a result, I was brought up as a single or junior child in a family. I had grandmother, grandfather as well as my mom had the sisters and my dad had a brother. They loved me, I loved them… Still I keep a feeling of a big family. Warm feelings envelope me from my childhood. For instance, when we were in my grandmother home during the weekends or in summer… melon field, vegetable garden and we needed not any pineapple because that tomato from this seedbed, it was shining from the sun and it seemed to be tasty as the sun, too…

About My Studies

I loved school. That was the place where people took care about me and tried to teach me something. I was rather an active child, class monitor, commander of the school team “Zarnitsa”, etc. I had many friends. As for my future profession I did not know what to choose. And that was not a torture for me. As for my last school year I studied in Sofia in the USSR Embassy School. My dad was in a business trip at Kremikovtsy the metallurgical complex. And me and my friend – I had two, Czech and Hungarian – supposed that we should study philology in Bulgaria. But my dad stopped it at once. He told that his daughter should not study abroad and if God forbid she should merry and stayed there… Such an approach was his priority opinion. Now I turned back to look at my past and I feel ashamed. I understand that worn out the nerves of my parents since I studied well but last moment I became obstinate and told: “If you do not support my choice I will not enter any university”. As a result I sent my documents domiciliary at the last day of their acceptance. That was the Ore Mining and Smelting Institute, Economics Faculty. And still I thank God not to make an error. Never I felt wrong way. Although… Now nobody could know whom could I become but for these and other events happened during the years after that decision. 

About Friendship

Older you become less the opportunities to find new friends. But I gained an additional chance when we moved to Yamal. Since to make friends with people from the North is the same richness as friendship in childhood. There, the conditions are strong as well as the relations’ power. I have a feeling that we do not choose a friend as a beloved one simple he or she comes. And both, you work to stay close. And the key talent of friendship is honesty. This notion includes both the vital valuables and the relations towards people and actions. I have friends from my childhood and still we are friends. I have a friend from the times of kindergarten and I appreciate these relations. I know if I need, a reliable shoulder shall be close to me. But first of all I shall act myself. Just I am older and bear responsibility for the others. 

About Love

If somebody tells that lovesickness might destroy it may be the side effects of rich experience. (Laugh) I married at the age of twenty, and thank God.  Otherwise I am not sure that I had children. That was a love marriage. My husband is a talented person; he is a composer and poet. He wrote his poetries for me, too. That was a huge present from life. We studied together in a single class but nothing happened between us in a school. Everything started much later and resulted in a marriage and gorgeous girls presented to us from the destiny. An then… I am married and I cannot tell that a love for the other men absorbed me. Perhaps people engaged in creative jobs need to fall in love constantly and to find inspiration but I obtain if from the very life. Just imagine. Beginning from my twenty four I am engaged in a business which is a man one and among men as people say. If I fall in love from time to time, could I endure? (Laugh) Once, the gossips started grow around me. Even that I got married again and again… that was strange for me. If everything people invite was true when should I work? There are only twenty-four hours per a day. Perhaps, somebody could combine successfully work and such volume of lovesickness and marriages. (Lough) Everybody has his or her own star. 

About Critical Things

At the moment I should feel that I cannot love people I quit the same day. Since this is the point of my job. Love somebody not for being gorgeous but just because.  Without this base it is impossible to do that work I am engaged in. Sometimes during a meeting I understand that there is a problem but no decision and time is left and something is wrong. And then another meeting, other people and I catch myself thinking as awaken up. Communication with people gives forces to go on. This is an indissoluble connection.

About Success

I never think about success. Although I am a successful person if considering the external indices. But I think I pay for my success by the hours and years of nascence of communication with my close people. This gap cannot be filled in. Well… These are the side effect, which feature any profession. It is difficult to be prepared to the moment when success leaves you. I saw that many people who work hard do not endure without this rhythm and pertinence feeling. But I prepare myself for such changes. For instance, I had to take a decision on retirement till the moment I knew my future job place. It seems to me this is a good and proper experience not to fear in future. And then, I have been on retirement benefit for a long time, beginning from my fifty years old. And I enjoy 21-year length of work in the regions of the Far North. I had the right and I used it to fill in the required documents. And in my opinion, this is also a certain preparation for change of your status. Yes, I do think I might feel hard if a business to be engaged later shall require fewer efforts. But if it shall be another chair I should not feel tragedy. 

About Freedom

Freedom is a rather conditional notion. It seems to me that feeling of freedom is personal but not social one. Any social thing is built up on the bases of our personality and this work we carry out from inside. And the degree of this work success makes characteristics of the society. In our case it is within the Russian Federation. This is my understanding. Actually, any person is free but often it happens to think that somebody is to take care about him or her to find a flat or a house to live in… This misbalance between the duties of a free person who is able and must do something and the situation how I see it, this is a certain differentiation between personal freedom and freedom of society results in a conflict as I believe. But for certain ones. We do not want to perceive ourselves as a mass in this case. In this world there is no a country where one could come to the area where a huge number of people gathers and do not be concerned with our own life and health. Regardless the occasion. People are filled both with positive and negative energy from each other and show themselves in the different ways. I worry about people and take all available measures to help them to manage their emotions and avoid any harm.

About Belief

I believe in God although I was brought up in a family of a mature and staunch communist. I was crucified when adult. When being a child, my dad did not allow me. So, that was my conscious choice. And my brother was crucified since he was ill and lived on the edge between life and death. And nobody thought about nothing, just we’ve done it. And thanks God my brother is alive and healthy. To close the subject I shall be brief: everything that has happened or shall happen to me is from Him. 

About Fear

I am a usual person and I am afraid for my relatives, friends and children. I am afraid for those people I bear responsibility for since any action, which might affect their life and health I understand as fear. In my case fear is a motive power. It makes me act, move, decide, exclude the possibilities and circumstances when something wrong might happen. So, there is no such a feeling when I would like to hide under a table. 

About money

There is nothing I want but cannot allow since I never wanted to have something surpassing my possibilities. Even when pregnant I did not want to eat a water-melon in winter or something else… It means I never required those things, which could force somebody to strain every nerve to get it. What should I do if having a lot of money? Well, I do not want a plane for sure. I came here in Khanty-Mansiysk together with you via regular one. The trip was good. I am not interested in the precious stones, they do not mean in my life. What I really love to give the presents. I try to do my best since any present is to bring joy and to be useful for a person I like. It requires money. (Laugh)Perhaps if you would ask me if I am in retirement and did not earn money I could expand the list of the things requiring more money. But at the moment everything is sufficient. I have a flat, and the car I use is an official one. I have the driving license but I am afraid to say for sure if I know to drive a car or not since my experience is too little. My husband told me: “Dear, you will never drive our car till the moment I accept the exams from you”. (Laugh) But if my workload shall decrease and I shall have a real wish or necessity I think I could drive a car. And in this case I shall need more money to purchase a car. 

About Children

I have two adult daughters. One of them works as a lawyer and another as a specialist for public relations. Now she is on maternity leave with my grandchild. They never disappointed me. Just I love them very much, I loved them and I shall love always. And in spite of the future difficulties or losses (life is life) I doubt that if something wrong shall happen, I could never forgive or understand. Our relations are very close and tender. Although from the side people might see me as a severe mother. And I hope that the number of the hours I gave them short has been psychologically compensated. 

Three Words about Myself

I never thought to assess myself. I want to tell what my friends tall about me. One of my friends believes that I am fair. Somebody tells that I am kind. And everybody event not so close people, they say that I am clever with good sense of humor. And my other features might be my shortcoming. (Laugh) How can I get rid of them? I am 57…


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