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Ugra Magazine "Ugra – Confident Tomorrow"


Ugra Magazine "Ugra – Confident Tomorrow"

It stood to reason that “Love Russia” the June subject of the issue, has been chosen. The Declaration of RSFSR State Sovereignty was signed on the 12th of June, 1990. In fact, it is more a mile stone in our history than a celebration day. New statehood count has begun. Nevertheless, as it was bound to happen, only by middle of the 2000s we came to realize that such building was to be started not on the basis of the spontaneous market relations and not through duplication of the western democratic liberalism but beginning from development of stable civil society in Russia. Our correspondent touches upon this issue including many other hot ones when interviewing Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova.

Strategy – Future of Everyone

- Natalia Vladimirovna, any man wishes stability and security and any state needs a secured citizen. What are the most critical tasks, which are to be solved today from your point of view to create such equilibrium?
- Such phrase as “Stable society means a scope of the secured happy families” has become a set expression nowadays.
To create such confidence it is necessary to yield potentialities of our people. First of all, the goal of our system of support of the families with children is to render categorical assistance. And it does yield results. If basing upon statistics data, we have achieved positive dynamics by all key demographic indices. Secondly, the program of categorical employment assistance is also efficient since in Ugra the unemployment index is one of the lowest one in Russia. Thirdly, our infrastructure investments do work to develop good living conditions. Furthermore, we have increased the budgetary investment ratio concerning such issue as lifting of infrastructure restrictions of Ugra development. If compared with 2008 the pre-crisis year, it has been increased by 8.7% and became equal to almost 30% from all our budgetary expenses. In Ugra the infrastructure investments are at their maximal levels of the last ten years. All these measures including the other ones are aimed to give population of Ugra an opportunity to plan their future.

- Economical and social development of our society is so inseparably linked notion that it is practically impossible to refer to them separately. Probably, you were guided by this idea when decided to discuss Strategy-2030 in public with all sectors of society to obtain a volume interrelated picture?
- Not to discuss but to create it personally. People are to design their future. Everybody has his or her own values as well as vision of future including those notions, which might be improved in Autonomous Okrug. The suggestions of Ugra population are a certain part of the Strategy of Social and Economical Development of Ugra till 2030. The decisions worked out in the course of the open public stage of development of the Strategy cannot be interpreted as the foreign ones since public attitude to them is absolutely different. They mean blueprint for action for each of us, which is to be followed at every separate work area. That was the task we set. Everyone should see his or her personal decision in this document as the Strategy is to become personal plan of work.

Casing-Head Gas is Involved into Economics

- In our Okrug more active works covering deep hydrocarbon process as well as use of casing-head gas has been started. New business model has been implemented for the first time in Ugra: two mini gas processing enterprises have been built directly on the minefields. Which petrochemical projects shall be realized in our region? What is it necessary to undertake both at the regional and federal levels the companies invest more in this branch?
- Now all enterprises specialist in hydrocarbons production in Ugra, offer the programs related to harmonious exploitation of casing-head gas.
There is an Okrug register of the investment projects in this area. It includes the projects, which are oriented to harmonious exploitation of casing-head gas and enjoy the Okrug tax rebates including two ones under implementation. The first project is associated with building of the gas-compressor station of the south licensed territory of Priobskoye minefield. The expected result from this project implementation is increase in the volumes of casing-head gas supply to Yuzhno-Balyksk Gas Treatment Plant up to 500 mn cubic meters. The planned investment volume shall amount to 4.3 billion rubles. The second project covers building of the product pipeline Yuzhno-Balyksk Base Pumping Station Tobolosk - Neftekhim. This is the largest strategic object of the transport infrastructure of OJSC SIBUR Holding and the key infrastructure object of Western Siberia for expansion of broad fraction transportation to the deep process minefields from 8 to 11 mn tons per year. This project is included in the plan of development of gas- and petrochemistry of Russia for the whole period till 2030, which was approved by the Ministry of Energy. The planned investment scope shall amount to 33.6 billion rubles. When implementing the project, about one hundred jobs shall be created. The expected term of the object commissioning is the second quarter of 2015.

The challenging mechanism is defined for such projects, too. According to the RF Government Decree accepted in last November, offset of the costs born by the license holders is provided for, which are spent to implement the projects for casing-head gas beneficial use, on account of payment set for contaminant emissions. Though, the mechanism of this privilege usage as the specialists note does not encourage development of the petrochemical enterprises and the service companies specializing in casing-head gas processing. They include the project you touched upon. Last year BlueLine Project the gas chemical company built up a mini gas chemical complex at the Zapadno-Salymsky and Prirazlomny minefields. The total volume of the investments amounted to nine billion rubles and two hundred fifty new jobs were created. According to the RF Government Decree mentioned above if these funds were invested by the very oilmen, they could be counted when defining the payments set for contaminant emissions but since they are invested in the joint project, the incentive does not work.

A range of the oil companies of the Autonomous Okrug carries on the negotiations with Skolkovo Fund covering usage of the innovative projects at the minefields on the basis of the technology mini-GTL. The technology together on the equipment on its base allows reprocess profitably product casing-head gas into the mineral oil analogue, i.e. a mixture of the synthetic hydrocarbons and then, deliver it to the sales market through the single pipeline system. Implementation of the similar technology is also a part of the gas potential of Ugra featured by good perspectives and in particular, as an annual surplus to the oil output up to 3% followed by casing-head gas disposal.
According to the results of the first quarter of 2013, the casing-head gas usage level amounted to 91.5% in Ugra. Increase in efficiency of casing-head gas usage is a task, which is critical for the region from economical, social and ecological point of view.

Power Heart of Russia

- Ugra is often called as “Power heart of Russia”. Which steps are undertaken by the regional government to develop large and small sectors of power industry? Which are the related key constraints today? The investors are they more active this year when investing into development of the alternative power sources?
- In Ugra power industry develops by priority rates. The task is to provide the regional customers for as well as to power our industrial growth and to supply it to our partners.
First of all, the region suffering from power in short supply (Kogalym Region) last in Ugra was caught up with. Now this problem is solved.
Secondly, large sector of power industry is under active development. Last and this year power generating sets were started up at Surgut GRES-2 including Nyagan GRES first power plant and the third one is under construction at Nizhnevartovsk GRES.
Thirdly, the experts of OJSC Sib-SAC carried out the analytic works having studied the opportunities of development of small power sector. This issue is critical for us since some part of our population resides in the small and remote communities, which are not connected to the single power supply system. As a result we defined two perspective areas: usage of biomass (industrial wood residue and raw waste lumber) to generate power as well as hydraulic power.

Implementation of such projects in the area of small sector of power industry is restrained owing to lack of long-term stimulating rates ensuring recoupment of an investment project covering building-up of the alternative energy objects in the areas isolated from the single national power network. The specialists of the profile department of the Autonomous Okrug believe that for this, it is required to fix the release power rates at the level set for the decentralized zone at such territories for the period of return on the economically feasible investments. We consider that this issue shall be regulated at the federal level.
In turn, we provided for the preferences for power industry development in the tax legislation of the Autonomous Okrug. For instance, we might enjoy the decreased rate set for income tax and property level of the organizations investing in electrical power production. Now the register of Ugra investment projects includes five projects covering electric power area.

The additional measures of support for development of alternative power industry are defined in the target program Modernization and Reformation of the Housing and Utilities Complex of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra for 2011-2013 and for the Period till 2015. It provides for the financing mechanism set for reimbursement of some part of the costs to pay interests for borrowings obtained by the investors of such projects. Over sixteen million rubles were provided for these purposes in 2013.
One of the constraints of power industry development is growth of wear-off of the main equipment used by the electro network companies responsible for supply and distribution of electric power at the territory of Atonomous Okrug. For instance, the matter involves expiration of fleet life of the turbine equipment of the power units of Surgut GRES-1. Their equipment requires modernization.
The separate energy system units are restricted for technological connection of the customers. In the course of the meeting of the Board of the Energy Ministry I’ told about necessity to commission substation Istok located in Surgut in 2014 to ensure the annual surplus of 250-300 thou sq.m of housing as well as building of the social objects. Our opinion stroke a chord.
We work closely with the federal authorities and business representatives in these areas.

- Natalia Vladimirovna, economic diversification is an issue, which is likely the most actual today both for our state as a whole and for stable development of our region, in particular. What do you think which production branches alternative to the oil-and-gas industry might develop to their utmost in the region?
- I should say at once that in the foreseeable future the main competence of Ugra Сразу shall be oil, its extraction, transportation, processing and production. To achieve stable development of this base economic sector we form the innovative-and-technological cluster in Fuel-and-Energy Complex area in our Autonomous Okrug.
One of the tasks is both to extend life of the existing minefields and to set up the new ones including heavy oil using the special-purpose tax schemes. Nowadays one quarter of the economically active population of the Autonomous Okrug is engaged in oil industry. Economic and social result from support of oil branch is evident.
At the same time the perspectives of development of our Autonomous Okrug shall be linked to growth of other branches’ significance.
In Ugra we created the presuppositions to form the petrochemical cluster. It shall include the existing and new facilities designed to produce polymers, chemical fertilizers, solvents, methanol and its derivative products, bitumen, industrial gases and LPG. According to the assessment of the specialists of the branch these are the Nefteyugansk, Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk regions, which shall serve as the base platforms to place these facilities, and Surgut shall be the center. We are to raise up to 22 billion rubles till the end of 2030 to rearm the existing production facilities and to create the new ones.

Significance of power sector shall also grow in Ugra economics.
Exactly this branch shall serve as a locomotive of so-called oil-alternative activities.
Also, wood industry cluster might become one additional critical segment of economics of our Autonomous Okrug. Besides insufficient development of the transport infrastructure, disorder featuring stable sales is one of the significant problems of the wood complex. In this relation any deviation of economics affects seriously the industry branch. To improve competiveness of the timber products we need to develop the advanced production facilities covering deep wood treatment, whose level is not sufficient in our Autonomous Okrug as per our specialists.
Moreover, there is potential to develop fish industry complex. The enterprises specialized in fish recovery and processing shall become its infrastructure units as well as the organizations engaged in industrial cultivation of the valuable commercial fish and development of the knowledge-intensive services rendered in the area of fish industrial complex.

Entertainment potential and unique natural and geographical advantages of Ugra creates the prerequisites for development of the tourist and entertainment complex. And today this is one of the most dynamic sectors of our oil economics.
Furthermore, development of the service industry is to become one of the areas of diversification of our regional economics. Development of the information, communication and oil-and-gas services shall play a critical part including increase in the volumes of the exploration works, sectors of the customer market, tourism as well as the sectors ensuring increase in human potential.

To achieve the required casing-head gas usage index not less than 95% till 2014, the oilmen plan to build 1.685 kilometers of the gas pipelines, 26 compressor stations as well as ten gas turbine and gas piston power plants.

Family Fund

- As President of Russia Vladimir Putin told in the course of the meeting of the Council for Demographic Policy it should become stylish and prestigious to be large family. Which decisions are taken today in Ugra to assist the large families? What is it planned to do to achieve such concept of the large family?
- In every subject of the Russia Federation the terms are defined preliminary at the regional level when a family earns a status of the large one. Now the families bringing up three or more children including those in trusteeship have such status in Ugra.
Beginning from the 1st of January, 2013 in Ugra the new measure of family financial support has become active concerning these ones where third or more children are born. But this family is to be registered at the territory of the Autonomous Okrug. Besides, its average income is not to exceed the total living wage set in Ugra. The monthly payments are made till the moment a child attains three years old and are equal to the annual minimum cost of living defined for children. For instance, as per 2013 this amount is equal to 9,006 rubles.

All members of the large families might enjoy the opportunity to visit the gyms at public expense.
Also, partial compensation of fare is provided for when visiting the recreation centers, health centers if using the vouchers issued by the executive state and local government bodies, by the employers as well as purchased by parents having many children. The actual level of compensation amounts to seven thousand rubles, approximately.
The other concerned support measure set for these families is Ugra Family Fund. It has been implemented in 2012 and is given when a third child and more is borne or adopted. A family might use this capital to improve the living conditions, for education or medical assistance. Considering the annual adjustment, the total amount of Ugra Family Fund is equal to 105,500 rubles as per the 1st of January, 2013.

Besides, the large families might use the compensation of the costs spent for public services at the amount equal to 50% as well as the financial aid to prepare their children for the beginning of the school year equal to 6,773 rubles and 10,160 rubles in case if it is the first rank. Such assistance service is rendered only if the average income of the family does not exceed the living wage set at the territory of the region by 1.5 times.
The other measure includes cash allowance equal to 15,000 rubles, which is paid when a third and more children are born.
Last year the volume of the social payments for the large families made from the budget of the Autonomous Okrug was equal to almost 720 mn rubles.
Effectiveness of these measures is proved by the fact that last years the number of the large families increases in Ugra. If in 2011 12,858 families having three and more children lived in our Autonomous Okrug, 17,441 families have been registered in the first quarter of the current year. Also, last year the number of the families having three and more children has increased by 14%.

To enhance prestige of the large families in our Autonomous Okrug various competitions are carried out such as Family is the Base of Our State or Family of the Year of Ugra. In the course of such competitions everybody might see how the large families live as well as multiple personality of the children bringing up in a large family and support them.

- In the course of the live call-in show with the citizens the President Vladimir Putin promised to look into, why the funds assigned to the regions to increase the wages of the medical persons did not reach the recipients. This topic was touched upon during the meetings of the country head with the RF government. Especially, low-grade and personnel and medical attendants suffer from. And here in Ugra what is the situation featuring increase in wages of the medical persons?
- Wage rise of the medical and other persons engaged in budgetary areas was performed at several stages. In 2012 their salaries fund was adjusted by 7%. This decision corresponded to the relevant inflation level. Beginning from the 1st of January, 2013 the salary fund of the employees of all enterprises engaged in budgetary areas was adjusted again by 5.5%. Also, 5% adjustment is provided for the planned period of 2014-2015.
In the Autonomous Okrug the average wage of the health enterprises’ employees amounted to 42,644 rubles due to all these sources as per June 1, 2013. If compared to the similar period of 2012, the salary increased by 11%. At this, the average wage of the doctors amounted to 72,123 rubles (by 8% higher), low-grade medical personnel – 42,524 rubles (by 10% higher), and medical attendants – 24,930 rubles (by 12% higher).

To achieve the salary indices set in the orders of the RF President by 2018, the government of the Autonomous Okrug defined the indicative values of ration of the average wages of the separate categories of the medical personnel (doctors, low-grade personnel and medical attendants) together with the average salary level featuring the region by the years. Following the results of 2013 these values are to be equal to:

  • 146% - doctors and graduated employees of the state (municipal) medical organizations. In Ugra this index amounted to 145% within five months of 2013.
  • 82% - low-grade medical personnel of the state (municipal) medical organizations, social employees of the state (municipal) medical organizations. In Ugra this index amounted to 86% within five months of 2013;
  • 56% - medical attendants of the state (municipal) medical organizations. In Ugra this index amounted to 50% within five months of 2013.

The means required to achieve the set indices are planned in the Okrug budget as well as in the budget of the Territorial Fond of the Mandatory Medical Insurance.

When Motherland is Mother...

- Last times the problem related to the migrants, is actively discussed both in our society and in the supreme authorities. It covers the law violations and drugs coming-in from the middle Asia. The austerity measures are suggested: entry with passport for traveling abroad and visa usage. And the residence of Tula, Tver, Ivanovo and other districts are supposed to be engaged as the labor force. What is your opinion on the subjects?
- The majority of the migrants from the CIS countries use their national passports. It creates a real problem when registering them when crossing the state frontier. Implementation of the standard covering RF entry via the passport for traveling abroad shall have a positive effect on the migration situation in Ugra.
As for the labor power industrial intake from the other regions of Russia, I could say that now in our region we have a deficit of the skilled staff engaged in building, oil and processing areas. About seventy thousand persons come from the other RF subjects for shift work. As per the 5th of June the necessity in the skilled workers declared by the employers is equal to 22,397 vacancies. This number increases the total quantity of the registered unemployed persons by 4.6 times.

To manage cooperation covering selection of the employees with the aim to fill the vacancies together with the jobs created in the organizations and enterprises of Ugra, we have signed the agreements with the RF subjects of the Ural Federal Okrug as well as with the other labor-abundant regions of Russia. Nevertheless, these volumes covering engagement of the employees from the other subjects of Russia are not sufficient to satisfy the labor resources’ needs of our Autonomous Okrug. For instance, as per May 27, 203 in total 1,769 candidates were registered in the All-Russia Bank of Employment Applicants who want to work outside of their permanent residence. If considering our needs’ level, these numbers are not similar at all as you may assess. But if the foreign citizens come to work in our Autonomous Okrug they are to accept and to follow strictly the residence rules of Ugra. As any guest they are to appreciate our culture, language, traditions and principles of the Ugra residents. If not, we do not invite such guests and do not accept them.

At the end of the last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin told in his Address to the RF Federal Assembly about necessity of patriotic, spiritual and moral education. Not long ago he assigned to choose the single approach when covering the historical issues in the school textbooks. Our society welcomes these suggestions and votes for return of the traditional valuables’ return. The subject of our issue is Love Russia. In which way our citizens should reveal this love from your point of view? And what is your understanding of the notion Motherland?
- Our people link two notions: Motherland and Mother. This understanding of Motherland term is close to me. It is covered in the poetry of Andrei Bely on the famous poster issued during wartime, in the modern songs and folklore. Manifestations are various but they are linked through love for our Motherland, through attitude towards it as to the closest things we have. When the Motherland is Mother then manifestations of this love mean concern for our parents, our children as well as for native home where everything is to be good as in our country.


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