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Interview of Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova to the Magazine Regions of Russia


Interview of Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova to the Magazine Regions of Russia

Natalia Komarova – We shall do everything in our hands to achieve comfort business weather for our investors

Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra mines annually slightly more than half of all oil of Russia and ensures almost 7% of world oil production. Oil has been always a key source of income during many years in the region where the living level of population is rather high. Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra Natalia Komarova told about the current success and perspectives of the region development in the exclusive interview to the Magazine Regions of Russia.

– Natalia Vladimirovna, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra is considered as an oil region. How much is the hydrocarbon production at the territory of Okrug following the results of 2012? What are the current perspectives of the geologic exploration at the territory of the region?

– In 2012 almost 260 million tons of oil was produced at the territory of the Autonomous Okrug. This number exceeds half from the all-Russian production. Also, in last February the oil industry of our Autonomous Okrug celebrated its significant era: 10-billion ton of Ugra oil was produced within almost fifty years of the history.

In spite of such cumulative volumes today in Ugra only 31% of the oil-perspective areas are assigned for the long-term licensing and the rest is for the research licensing for the term equal to five years or not included at all in the turnover. In this relation we are substantially engaged in increase of the total volumes of the geological works.

In total, this year the subsurface users plan to assign about 28.8 billion rubles to the geological works. Moreover I should notice that currently we elaborate an issue covering development of the complex project of the oil reconnaissance works in Ugansk area in cooperation with Federal Agency on Subsoil Usage (Rosnedra) for the period from 2014 to 2019.

– Ugra means not only oil and gas. Please tell us about the other branches of the region. Which areas are in priority today to develop Okrug?

– I should say at once that in the foreseeable future the main competence of Ugra Сразу shall be oil, its extraction, transportation, processing and production. To achieve stable development of this base economic sector we form the innovative-and-technological cluster in Fuel-and-Energy Complex area in our Autonomous Okrug, as well as we work on creation of the special-purpose tax schemes including production of heavy oil.

At the same time the perspectives of development of our Autonomous Okrug shall be linked to growth of other branches’ significance. In Ugra we created the presuppositions to form the petrochemical cluster. It shall include the existing and new facilities designed to produce polymers, chemical fertilizers, solvents, methanol and its derivative products, bitumen, industrial gases and LPG. According to the assessment of the specialists of the branch these are the Nefteyugansk, Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk regions, which shall serve as the base platforms to place these facilities, and Surgut shall be the center. We are to raise up to 22 billion rubles till the end of 2030 to rearm the existing production facilities and to create the new ones.

Significance of power sector shall also grow in Ugra economics.
In Ugra power industry develops by priority rates. The task is to provide the regional customers for as well as to power our industrial growth and to supply it to our partners, neighbors. Exactly this branch shall serve as a locomotive of so-called oil-alternative activities.

Also, wood industry cluster might become one additional critical segment of economics of our Autonomous Okrug. Besides insufficient development of the transport infrastructure, disorder featuring stable sales is one of the significant problems of the wood complex. In this relation any deviation of economics affects seriously the industry branch. To improve competiveness of the timber products we need to develop the advanced production facilities covering deep wood treatment, whose level is not sufficient in our Autonomous Okrug as per our specialists.

Moreover, there is potential to develop fish industry complex. The enterprises specialized in fish recovery and processing shall become its infrastructure units as well as the organizations engaged in industrial cultivation of the valuable commercial fish and development of the knowledge-intensive services rendered in the area of fish industrial complex.

Ethnographical potential and unique natural and geographical advantages of Ugra creates the prerequisites for development of the tourist and entertainment complex. And today this is one of the most dynamic sectors of our non-oil economics.

Furthermore, development of the service industry is to become one of the areas of diversification of our regional economics. Development of the information, communication and oil-and-gas services shall play a critical part including increase in the volumes of the exploration works, sectors of the customer market, tourism as well as the sectors ensuring increase in human potential.

– What are the advanced projects implemented currently in the region? How closely the scientific organizations collaborate with the enterprises of Okrug?

– In Ugra we are always glad to the innovations and the advanced technologies. They serve as a catalyst of the economical growth and especially if the matter involves such a complex and multi-level complex as fuel and power one. For instance, the Company Monolit realizes the related investment projects covering reprocessing of closing-head gas and based on the innovative technologies and high ecological standards. Two plants for processing of closing-head gas have been built at Prirazlomny and Zapadno-Salymsk minefields. One of them was assessed as the best one in the competition of the Ministry for Natural Resources of Russia in the nomination “Ecological Efficiency of Economics”.

Today the Company plans implementing larger project at the Priobsky minefield. Its annual efficiency shall be equal up to 750 million cubic meters of closing-head gas. This construction is expected to be launched the second half of this year.

Also, I would like to emphasize on one more innovative project. Last year in Nyagan the first stage of the plant for production of quartz concentrate “Poliarny Quartz” has been launched. Now this complex produces pneumatic separation quartz. And this is the first stage only covering the whole production process, which is to result in production of the high-clean quartz concentrate, the valuable raw material for micro electronics. Its production is expected to be developed by the Company simultaneously with launch of the second stage of the project which is planned to be carried out at the end of 2013. Now this plant is provided with the raw materials for the period, which is not less than fifteen years. The materials are mined at the eastern hills of Nether-Polar Urals, Berezovsky District.

In future “Poliarny Quartz” might serve as a base to create our own advanced production facilities engaged in micro electronics in the Ural Federal Okrug.

To unify the resources of the academic, corporate and branch sciences as well as to reduce the way from the scientific development to its practical use, we are concerned with creation of the Innovative Center of RAS – Ugra in our Autonomous Okrug. We consider that the largest oil and gas production enterprises of the region should be the best choice for partnership as well as our educational and scientific organizations, and the Innovative Center might become a certain platform for close cooperation with them.

– What is the share of small and medium business in the regional economics? Which steps are taken by the regional leaders to support its?

 If considering the results of 2012, the share of business turnover are per the gross regional product amounted to 18.8%. It is clear that this number is under strong influence of our base oil and gas branch industry and vertical-integrated companies, which form backbone of the regional economy. Nevertheless, in spite of their dominant situation the system changes are evident.

The role of small and medium business in economics grows up constantly and it means that the situation featuring middle class becomes stronger. In 2012 the number of the persons engaged by the small enterprises increased by 8% and amounted to 135.5 thou. So, every sixth employed resident of Ugra is engaged in small business. We expect by 2015 that the share of small and medium business in Ugra economics shall achieve 20%.

And our nearest plans include creation of the Coordination Center for Support of the Subjects of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship, which shall render information and analytical, consulting and management support of the external economic activity of the subject of small and medium entrepreneurship.

– Which attention is paid to the social issues in the region?

– Currently one of the systems of citizen support the most developed in the country is efficient in Ugra. Only during the last year over 370 thou persons enjoyed its opportunities, i.e. almost every fourth resident of Ugra. In total 91 social guarantees are provided for in our Autonomous Okrug.

Last time the share of the Okrug budget costs provided for the social area has been increased. If in 2008 this item of the expenses exceeded 64 billion rubles, last year this level was overstepped up to 101 billion rubles.

– And to finalize how do you assess the total investment appeal of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug?

– Not only me but the independent experts assess the investment appeal of Ugra as one of the best one in our country. In this March the International Rating Agency Standards&Poor’s confirmed the long-term credit rating of Ugra at BBB level and the alterations’ forecast was “Stable”. I should notice that this is the highest credit rating awarded to the Russian regions. For this, Ugra enjoys all required components: developed investment legislation and business support infrastructure, industrial park, stable budgetary system and low level of the credit exposure.

Currently we implement the standard of Ugra executive bodies’ activity covering provision for beneficial investment climate in the region as well as ensuring an absolutely new system of interaction of business and authorities. Eleven standards have been implemented yet from the required fifteen ones, and four of them are under development. These days we expanded the events plan covering implementation of the standard due to those, which are aimed to build up the one-window system linking the authorities and the investors.

And in future we shall keep on doing our best to achieve comfort business weather for our investors in Ugra.


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