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Press Conference of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization General Secretary Dmitry Mezentsev and Temporary Acting Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova in the lead up to the 10th SCO Forum Session


Press Conference of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization General Secretary Dmitry Mezentsev and Temporary Acting Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova in the lead up to the 10th SCO Forum Session

Press Conference of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization General Secretary Dmitry Mezentsev and Temporary Acting Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova in the lead up to the 10th SCO Forum Session.

Host: Good afternoon, Dear Colleagues. We are ready to start our press conference. Let me introduce our participants to you - they are Temporary Acting Governor of Ugra Natalya Vladimirovna Komarova and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization General Secretary Dmitry Fyodorovich Mezentsev.  Dear colleagues, please, introduce yourselves, when asking questions. I may be permitted to ask the first question. Natalya Vladimirovna, what does the Anniversary SCO Forum Session mean for the Region and what do you expect from the cooperation?

N. Komarova:  We are grateful to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its executive bodies for a choice of Khanty-Mansiysk for holding so significant event, and in the year of Russia presidency in SCO. With the international organizations like SCO we build our relationships, keeping to the rule: "The more effective the international organization is for the citizens of a country, the more weight it carries".

We are ready to conduct this idea for SCO and any other organization. And we hope that our experience will be helpful for the new participants.  This was in the first place. In the second place: We have some overtures, which might be interesting for SCO members, and also for the agenda, being prepared in Ufa today. These overtures concern the cooperation development in humanitarian aspects.  In this regard our plans for the development of educational and humanitarian projects coincide with this agenda. We now carefully study SCO Network University resources and our capabilities of cooperation in this regard, using developed activity mechanisms of this university, and new approaches.

Educational functions of the university are clear and effective. It makes good sense to create Research Fund of SCO members and load it with research work for SCO member states. I would like to mention again the humanitarian aspect of the Network University development.  We are interested in that sort of   activity.

At the same time we are interested in the economic cooperation enlargement.  We are going to convince the presenting participants to strengthen our contacts by the specification of approaches.

Darya Shchekotova, Ugra Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company: Dmitry Fyodorovich, will you confirm, that because of its energy potential the region was chosen as the Forum holding platform?

D. Mezentsev: In the first place I would like to say thank you to Natalya Vladimirovna Komarova, her team and Alexander Mikhailovich Kim for their decision to hold the 10th anniversary SCO Forum Session.  May be it is not known to everybody, but this Forum is “Track Two” cooperation. Here experts meet, and discuss their issues in free, informal and bold manner. Their assessments, their Organization development prognosis, the analysis of the challenges and dangers for the regions and the analysis of the most sensitive issues of the international agenda are very important for the Organization. Natalya Vladimirovna has mentioned already, that year 2015 is the year of Russia presidency in SCO. At the Heads of States Council meeting in Dushanbe Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin picked up from the President of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon and headed the Council of SCO heads. On July, 10, 2015 in Ufa the meeting of the Heads of States - SCO members will be held.  The presidents of the major international organizations are invited to this meeting. States - observers always send their representatives to the meeting. We expect the July summit will be not just successful, but sound, significant and the sign page for the Organization development in general. Now concerning today’s event. We are now in the capital of one of the most fast moving and potent Subject of Russian Federation. National coordinators, when considering the Shanghai Cooperation Organization work plan for the current year, with big confidence supported Natalya Vladimirovna’s suggestion.   I consider it very important that not only Moscow and St. Petersburg were presented in the system of interaction, including SCO, but also such dynamic and powerful Subjects as Ugra. We would like to make the Forum substantial and informative for all the participants.

Irina Khasanova, “Interfax-Ural”: Dmitry Fyodorovich, will you describe the perspectives for the new SCO members?

D. Mezentsev: You know, there is a joke about one of successful farmers, when he is asked whether there he expects the good gather this year. He answers: “Yes, I expect, if I gather it” (D.M. laughs). About the perspectives: We know well that Organization consists of six states - founders, six member states: Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Also as a part of the Organization there are five states - observers, influencing a situation in the Asian region - India, Pakistan, Iran, Mongolia, Afghanistan. Not long ago the new partner joined as third dialog partner – the Republic of Turkey. Before we had Republic of Belarus and Sri Lanka.  I should mention, that 13 delegations came to the 10th SCO Forum. The point of view of 13 states capitals is, in its own way, the unique body of expert opinion. At Dushanbe summit, which I already mentioned, the Minister of External Affairs of India Sushma Svaraj announced and accented that the President of India just some days before the Summit appealed to the President -  SCO chairman with the official written request for a full membership of India in the Organization. Earlier the similar requests were submitted by presidents of Pakistan and Iran. We also have a number of requests from the countries, asking for the status of dialog partner and the observer. At the initiative of the Russian side, the Russian foreign minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, the working group on SCO enlargement is formed. It already had two meetings in SCO Headquarters in Beijing. For everybody to know, the General Secretary now within the fourth cycle represents the Russian Federation and is the citizen of Russia. Before citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and People's Republic of China were General Secretaries. There were already two meetings of experts, discussing enlargement issues.  The dialog is on, the analysis of reasons of the parties is on. But we believe in the changes, which may happen in the foreseeable close future, I place emphases on it and I ask to keep this formulation. In the foreseeable close future the issue of enlargement of the Organization as the draft of the political decision is considered. I want to emphasize that the SCO charter, as the main document of the Organization accepted at the initial stage of formation of the Shanghai cooperation from the very beginning had an open character. It is important to note that the Charter had never been supplemented or changed for any immediate international agenda. The document is so large-scale and steady that it doesn't demand these changes. It includes the principles and rules of development of the Organization, capability to influence a situation which in 14 years of existence of SCO is completely confirmed by the time.

Yulia Temereva, Information TASS Agency: Dmitry Fyodorovich, you mentioned that 13 delegations have come to the Forum. Could you, please, name the countries? And the composition?

D. Mezentsev: Yes I can name the countries. From all the member states: Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. From all the states - observers -  India, Pakistan, Iran, Mongolia, Afghanistan. From two dialog partners states -  Republic of Belarus and Sri Lanka.

Yulia Temereva, Information TASS Agency: the second question. Could you specify the key moments of tomorrow’s program?

D. Mezentsev: The program is timed for two days’ work. Program includes the issues of regional security ensuring, stability in the region, prospects of trade and economic interaction on the SCO territory, enlarging and  deepening of cultural and humanitarian interaction. Natalya Vladimirovna has told about great attention to SCO University. We speak today about necessity of closer interaction between national tourist administrations, because for citizens of our countries, and for younger people, who rarely go to visit each other, in particular, is important to know each other, to communicate. It is the opportunity to develop that quality of the new relations of younger generation, which open the perspectives for future interaction of people, who will run their countries in 30-40 years. We also want that interaction of representatives of museum affairs, publishing, system of book trading, cinema was much closer too. One of the major questions, my wish is to place emphasis on it, is an issue of interaction with the international organizations. We signed memorandums of mutual understanding with 9 international organizations, first of all with the UN, with the Economic Cooperation Organization, with ASEAN, with the CIS, with the CSTO. Last year at the meeting in Shanghai we signed the memorandum of interaction with CICMA. We were very proud, that last November on 69th Assembly of the UN the developed, substantial resolution of the UN on interaction between SCO and the UN was adopted. We can see today, that all this is to be carried into effect. We have a vast regulatory framework for it. And here the fourth Forum plenary session is devoted to interaction between SCO and international organizations and to SCO positioning in the international field.

Liu Jing, “CCTV” TV Company, China: Initiative of China – creation of the of the Silk Road Economic Belt. What is SCO attitude towards the issue?

D. Mezentsev: During visit to Kazakhstan in 2013 the chairman of People's Republic of China Xi Jinping from the "Nazarbayev University" tribune presented the concept of the Silk Road Economic Belt.  Sea component of this concept was added during visit of the head of People's Republic of China to Indonesia. It is important that the concept has the global, timed for decades character. SCO studies the concept with profound interest. Especially at the Governments Heads meeting on December, 15, 2014, in Astana. The subject was discussed; and there is everything to find ways of a possible combination of national economic strategy of SCO countries with this great project. But this asks for the serious discussion, consolidated professional joint work. And there is no road blocks for it, to my mind.

N. Komarova:  Moreover, today we lead the active work on reclamation of Arctic and joining the resources of the Arctic to continental interests. Also we believe that this northern branch play positive role for this transport way. We will offer the idea of the kind concerning the Ural Mountains, Kazakhstan, China and the lay of line which you mention. Also we on our side finished the construction of a Northern Latitudinal automobile corridor. We connected Europe, the Urals, Sverdlovsk region, Perm Krai to the Tomsk region. And in the long term the way to Kazakhstan and again to China. There are at least two northern branches: railway and automobile, which can be interesting in general to this project. Anyway, side lanes are necessary to use more effectively the economic potential of this resource. Thus, we speak about resources of the Arctic for dry land and resources of the continent for development of the Arctic.

Correspondent of the Kommersant newspaper: Who is the working group on the enlargement consists of? Have I got it right from the answer, that specific mechanisms of India and Pakistan joining SCO are not defined?

D. Mezentsev: The first, the working group on SCO enlargement consists of Authorized representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of six countries - founders. The second, the summit in Dushanbe is specific by signing the two historical documents which today completely represent SCO legal base on the enlargement.    It needs no other documents.  Heads of state approved the standard memorandum of granting to the state applicant the status of the full member of SCO and an order of admission of the new members of SCO. Today there are no legal obstacles in the organization. As for the joining procedure, it is possible to initiate only after the Heads of member states of SCO accept political decision. Now we all can see intensive and consistently professional work of experts and national coordinators of SCO state - members on the submitted requests.  Not only for the status of the full member, but also requests for the dialog partner status and the observer.

Darya Shchekotova, Ugra Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company: Natalya Vladimirovna, how close does Ugra cooperate with regions of the SCO countries? May be there are figures about the foreign trade turnover?

N. Komarova:  The greatest volume of economic contacts we have with People's Republic of China and Kazakhstan. Annually they invest in our autonomous area about 200 million US dollars. For example, our joint commodity turnover with China in three years (2011-2013)  grew three times and now is about 1,9 billion US dollars. We are glad, for example, that now not only our raw products, but also value-added products find markets.  For example, wood plates are bought by Kazakhstan, and Turkey and Uzbekistan also showed interest in this product. We agree with Dmitry Fyodorovich concerning the tourist contacts increase. We have very poor tourist interchange base. For the last year the number of Ugra residents which visited People's Republic of China, grew by 10 times, and actually it is from 200 people to 2 thousand. We, in our turn, considering poor base of the tourists from China,  expect 25% growth of Chinese tourist's flow. We try to attract all citizens of People's Republic of China with our opportunities which, I believe, might be interesting for residents of China. By the way, the “Spirit of Fire” film festival which took place recently in Ugra plays large role in promoting the region brand and attracting interest in it.

The coming Deaf Olympic Games - one of the factors which will open the region for a large number of the countries of the world and their citizens. I call all Ugra residents to be the most considerate and hospitable, it will serve economy of the autonomous area. As for the other interests concern, we live and we work at the Irtysh River which unites three countries, six regions which are responsible for this river. Therefore we are extremely interested in regional cooperation on protection of this river and its water biological resources. We have cooperation experience with 4 regions of Russian Federation. Moreover, now SCO is engaged in working out the Organization development strategy.  We want this issues I now mention provide the basis for cooperation of the countries and regions. The more the international organization meets the interests and hopes of the people living in SCO state - members   the more weight this organization carries. That is why I speak about the simple, everyday things important for any person. We, Ugra residents, show our understanding and our capability to participate in such projects. Thereby we show to this relevant international organization, that it has giant potential. Thirty million people live around Irtysh river. Is one river the task? It is the task!  In Strategy we will write it down - absolutely different level of concern.


Speech of the Temporary Acting Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova at the closing ceremony of the 18th Deaf Olympic Winter Games of 2015


Good evening, dear friends.

Seven days passed fast. We thought the event just started, but today we are saying Good bye to you and to the Deaf Olympic Games. Your victories, your energy and enthusiasm attract the Siberian spring, change Ugra and Khanty-Mansiysk.

The baby mammoth was the talisman of our games, many of you now have this soft toy and, probably, all of you - photos with our mammoths from Archaeopark. It is symbolic, that before Deaf Olympic Games opening in Ugra after a long break bones and tusks of the mammoth living here 30 thousand years ago were found. The millennia passed – but we still admire the greatness of mammoths. The same is with our games – they are now became history, but victories and records which are set up here, are not paling in time, they inspire again and again the boys and girls of the whole world.

And this is main Deaf Olympic Games heritage – for which we are infinitely grateful. We are charmed with your smiles and your victories. Ugra say to you “See you soon again!”


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